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    Serengeti Sassari Polarized

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    Serengeti Serena Polarized

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    Serengeti Velocity

    Serengeti Velocity Polarized

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    Serengeti Volterra

    Serengeti Volterra Polarized

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    Serengeti Sunglasses


    Serengeti Sunglasses

    Serengeti glasses NZ

    Serengeti Photochromic Lenses are the driving lens of choice for anybody serious about getting behind the wheel in dynamic light conditions. The photochromic lenses have special molecules embedded in them which constantly adjust to changing light conditions. This means no matter what the sun throws at you, no corner is a dangerous corner, and every journey is a safe journey with Serengeti.

    We all know New Zealand roads can be unforgiving to say the least. Long stretches turn into blind corners, and the sun sure doesn't help. With the road toll already so high, who needs to even think about becoming a statistic? Whether you drive for a sports team, a hostel of school kids, the Prime Minister, or your family, Serengeti driving lenses will equip you well for your travels.

    These are lenses which don’t just meet government safety standards, they surpass them in terms of both UVA and UVB protection, meaning on top of the immediate benefits of being able to see the road, your eyes are protected from a larger proportion of harmful rays than they might otherwise be.

    If you’re driving around water or ice, it might pay to think about the Sedona range, which is scientifically formulated to reduce the harshest glare to a comfortable level. This is the same type of technology found in our Bolle eyewear for skiers, fishers and yachters. Not to mention the beautiful Polar PhD photochromic lens is a stunning shade of rose, perfect for the eternal optimists out there.

    If you’re serious about combining flair with safety, consider the Driver’s Gold range. It offers the same protection as the standard Driver’s range, while adding on a cool gold mirror coating to reflect both visible and invisible light. Too much invisible light can be irritating and distracting, not to mention downright unsafe to drive in.

    Serengeti women's and men's sunglasses are durable and flexible, and the hinges allow for maximum life, durability and comfort. Options include Wireflex, which bends to the contours of your face – nylon, which is light, tough, flexible and chemical resistant – cellulose acetate frames which allow for best possible fit, and S-Flex, the height of flexibility and comfort. Some of these are available with a leather finish for Serengeti sophistication that can’t be beaten… on or off the beaten track.

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