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Sports Sunglasses style

If you are looking for sports glasses, you have come to the right place. At SmartBuyGlasses you will find glasses for all sports occasions. If you want sports glasses with a prescription, it is no problem, you can easily order your polished sunglasses online by adding your prescription at check-out. At SmartBuyGlasses you can find a large range of sports sunglasses and have many styles of sunglasses to choose from.

Car drivers probably know the problem; driving on a wet street when the sun is shining, you are blinded almost so much that you can barely see anything anymore. But also skiers, pilots, and water sports lovers suffer from sun exposure when the sun shines. Sports sunglasses usually provide some relief for this, but they can not reduce the reflection on metal surfaces, water, or snow. Polarized sports sunglasses reduce the reflected light and ensure relaxed eyes and increased safety when driving or exercising outdoors. We, therefore, recommend that you add a polarized coating to your sports sunglasses.

Want to know more about the different sports glasses categories we offer and what to look for, for the different sports? Keep on reading below!

Running Sports Glasses

When you are looking for a pair of glasses suitable for your running, you should get a pair that closes tightly around your face but has good ventilation. It is good to have a pair of glasses that are light so they do not feel heavy on the face. It can be good to prepare for the fact that fog can easily occur. This is something that can be very difficult to avoid, but here again, it helps to find a pair that has good ventilation. They should be tight but not too tight so that the air can circulate in a good way. Prevent your glasses fogging up by cleaning your glasses thoroughly before your run and you can also use fog protection. Try this popular pair of Oakley Sunglasses Styles.

Biking Sports Glasses

For both mountain biking and road cycling, goggles are an important part of your equipment. Bike glasses protect your eyes from dirt but also from sunlight and can act as a protection against wind gusts, which in turn protects against the eyes being irritated and tearing. Since it goes fast when you bike, it also protects against insects. When mountain biking, it also protects against other obstacles you may encounter, such as branches. Check out Salice 016 to find a great pair of cycling goggles.

Golf Sports Glasses

Since golfers often spend many hours in the sun, it is important that their glasses have good UV protection. If you use a cap, for example, sun protection is not required as much as if you play only with sports glasses. The choice of polarizing lenses is also very individual. A polarized lens removes disturbing reflections but makes it more difficult to see if there is water or dew on the green. Here you can read more about how polarizing lenses work. A wide-angle vision is extra important for the golfer as you need to move your head a lot on the tee, and also when you putt.

Do you need help seeing both far and near? We offer progressive lenses for sports sunglasses style, where the reading prescription is in the bottom part of the lens For example, you may want to look farther away to follow the ball, but then you also need to see well up close to fill in your scorecard. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will answer your questions!

Watersports Sports Glasses

As a rule, it is best to have polarized lenses on water if, for example, jet skiing or windsurfing, then you remove unwanted reflections from the water surface and you can look down into the water comfortably. The disadvantage may be that some instruments are turned out, such as an LCD screen. For those of you who do not want polarizing lenses, we have very dark glass tints that reduce reflections. These have an anti-reflective treatment on the back of the glass and a mirror on the front that reduces the glare of the water, so you can see ripples on the surface. We have many sunglasses styles that are great for watersports.

Tennis Sports Glasses

When choosing glasses to use when playing tennis or other racquet sports such as badminton or paddle, you should consider choosing glasses and frames that do not limit or obscure your vision in height and sideways. The lens, therefore, needs to be high enough and the frame and lens can advantageously be cupped and sit close to the face. We also recommend avoiding progressive or bifocal lenses as they can affect lateral and downward distance vision.

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are a must for anyone who skis or snowboards. Ski goggles, or goggles as they are also called, protect against both cold and wind and also prevent the eyes from tearing, which can otherwise easily obscure the view. In addition, the ski goggles protect you from the sun's strong UV rays which can damage the eyes as the sun's rays are amplified by the reflection in the snow.

There are different colors on the lens that fit differently depending on the weather. A yellow-tinted lens, for example, helps to increase the contrasts on the surroundings, which is a great advantage when the weather is cloudy outside. An orange lens is the most versatile lens as it usually works well in most situations, regardless of the weather. But if you travel a lot when it is dark outside, you should instead invest in a pair of Goggles that have a transparent lens as it is basically the one lens that lets in enough light to facilitate driving in the dark.

Finding the right ski goggles is not always the easiest as there are a variety of factors that you should take into account before deciding which pair to buy. How well do they protect against fog? How impact resistant are they? How well do they protect from snow and water? And of course, what color of the lens should I wear?

On several of our models, there is an option to replace the lens as needed.This is good for you who travel a lot and who are aware that the weather can change quickly and that you will then appreciate the opportunity to be able to choose the color of your lenses.

Children’s Sports glasses

Do not forget to protect the eyes of your active child. Sports glasses usually have a larger frame than regular glasses, which gives a better absorption and distribution of pressure from any falls or bangs. The fit of the sports glasses for children is also adapted to the sport the child practices. In addition, a rubber band is usually attached to the glasses so that they sit securely and comfortably as a sling around the head and on the tip of the nose, like the Julbo LOOP.

All our sports glasses have the same fine quality as those you can buy from a regular optician. Our alpine glasses for children and young people are available in a large selection of delicious colors and provide excellent protection against sun radiation and reflections from the snow. Swimming goggles with strength finally make it possible to see sharply both above and below the water surface. Whether it is on the football field, on the ski slope, or in the swimming pool that your child likes to get an outlet for his energy, we have sports glasses that give the child wonderful sports experiences and you as a parent peace of mind. Start browsing among all of our children’s sports glasses by having a look at the popular Salice 708 ski goggles.

Find your next pair of women’s, children’s, and men’s sunglasses styles at SmartBuyGlasses NZ today!