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Skip the struggle of shopping for glasses and switch to SmartBuyGlasses, the online store for glasses NZ who provide the most popular international designers and brands at the best price and only online. We have thought of everything, including how you control that your new pair of glasses you absolutely love suits your face and skin tone with our “Virtual Try-On”. You can upload a picture of your face directly to our website and then pick any type of glasses, including our extensive collection of sunglasses for women and sunglasses for men, directly on your own face to control that they are really as amazing as you thought they would be. And don’t let the price stop you. Not only do we guarantee the best price in our entire collection of styles from all brands that you know and love, but you can also shop cheap glasses with us at SmartBuyGlasses. Not only can you find prescription glasses and sunglasses, but SmartBuyGlasses is also the place for you if you are looking for reading glasses, safety glasses, or computer glasses.


How to get glasses

If you have realised that you have impaired vision, the first step is to visit your local optician. At the optician you will get an eye exam to determine if you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. If you suffer from nearsightedness, objects close to you are clear and sharp, meanwhile objects far from you appear blurry and unclear. If you suffer from farsightedness, objects far away from you are clear and sharp, meanwhile objects closer to you, especially text, can be hard to see clearly. People with astigmatism suffer from a curvature of the cornea or lens which result in blurred vision at all distances.

The optician can also check the general health of your eyes, detect possible signs of illness and ways to treat them. If your optician recommends that you start with glasses, you will receive a prescription for your glasses. You will also get help with whether you need single vision glasses or progressive glasses. Traditionally, you would then find the perfect pair of glasses with your optician. But thanks to SmartBuyGlasses, you no longer have to settle for a limited selection of styles and brands at high prices. Instead, you can take your prescription and then search our online catalog for the latest styles from brands and designers such as Hugo Boss and Michael Kors. If you are looking for glasses without prescription, you do not need to visit the optician but can immediately start shopping online!

We have a range of women's and men's glasses, as well as, a range for children's glasses, available for glasses both with or without prescription. All our styles are selected from the world's best and most popular brands including Ray-Ban glasses and Gucci glasses.


Face Shape

If you have never worn glasses before, it can feel a little overwhelming to have to find a frame shape and color that suits your face shape. Most people take a friend or family member with them when they try on glasses. Getting someone else's opinion can be very helpful when trying on many different styles. It's handy to have someone with you who remembers what the Wayfarer couple looked like versus the classic aviator style you tried before and then give you an objective opinion on which ones best suit your skin tone and face. Or, at least that was how it used to be. Now you can actually search through our complete range online and then see them directly on your own selfie to check for yourself how amazing your new cat-eye glasses actually look. It's our Virtual Try-On that makes it easier for you to make an informed decision about your new eyeglass frames. Buying glasses online is faster, easier and cheaper than shopping in a store.

But how can you be sure that you are choosing the right frame? People who have worn glasses for several years may have a certain style that they prefer, but how do the glasses really fit your face shape and your skin tone? How do you choose the best eyewear style?


Rimless Glasses

Let's start with the most classic glasses style: rimless frames. Frameless frames actually suit everyone but they are not for everyone. To wear frameless glasses, you need to be quite confident and some prefer thicker glasses frames to help balance the face shape or to accentuate the color of the eyes or hair. If you are considering rimless glasses, you need to make sure that the size of the lens complements your facial structure. Generally speaking, you should always lean towards a shape or structure that is the exact opposite of your actual face when choosing a frame style. Choosing a shape or style that is rounded when you have a square face helps to balance out rather than emphasize your natural angles in the same way that people with a round face benefit from more angled frames. Frameless glasses are easy to choose because all you need to worry about is the type of glass and the size.

If you are not interested in the rimless style, there are thousands of other styles, colors and shapes to choose from that are offered by the top of designers like Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford glasses. As with frameless glasses, when looking for a flattering style and shape, always choose something that is the exact opposite of your natural face shape. For example, if you have a longer face (as in longer than it is wide), you will not want a large and thick frame style that extends beyond the face. Choosing such a frame shape will enhance how long your face is, making it appear narrower than it actually is. If you have a long and narrow face shape, you want to look at more rounded frame styles such as the classic Clubmaster style and half-rim design. These styles of frames balance your natural shape and introduce some soft curves to your face, softening it and broadening it rather than hardening and narrowing your features. If you are thinking of polarized sunglasses, pair darker lens colors with darker skin and hair tones rather than lighter skin and hair.

For anyone with a wider face shape, like the classic heart-shaped face type that is wider at the cheekbones and then narrower at the chin, consider a more rectangular frame for your glasses. If you are looking for women's glasses, you do not need to choose a masculine and angular style to find something flattering (if of course that is not what you are looking for, in which case you have nailed the most flattering style for your natural face shape). There are plenty of soft and classic styles of brands and designers like Versace and Dragon that offer you the angles that look best with your face shape without giving a too strong look. Again, for lighter skin tones, choose a brighter colored lens and frame such as tortoise and gray lenses.

If you love the look of the classic Aviator eyeglass style, you are in luck as they fit almost everyone. The face shapes that they really fit include the square face that usually also fits round frames like the classic John Lennon look. Of course, you do not have to go all out with the John Lennon style to achieve a flattering frame and if you are not at all fond of round glasses, aviators are the classic "go-to" that is perfect for your face shape.

Together with our range of prescription glasses and polarized lenses, we also offer blue light glasses. Blue light lenses are normal lenses that have been treated with a special surface treatment that is designed to filter out hard light emitted from devices with blue light as your computer screen. Blue light has been associated with eye fatigue and headaches and sometimes vision deteriorates over time due to the muscle tension in the eye. At checkout, you can easily add zFORT blue light block to any design frame you choose, perfect addition if you work in front of a computer screen all day or use gaming glasses.

Browse our complete range of glasses online NZ and test your favorite pairs when you buy. Get the best price in our entire selection, guaranteed, and enjoy a free 100-day return if you happen to buy the wrong style or color for your face. We are the new, easier and more affordable way to get the most popular glasses and frames at the best possible price.