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What Are Single Vision Lenses?

What are single vision lenses?

If errors in the refractive power of your eyes have led to vision problems, single vision lenses may be the solution. This type of lens has one single lens power across the whole surface of the lens, and allows the light refraction to be redistributed correctly, resulting in clear vision. This is the "typical" type of glasses, opposed to bifocals, trifocals or multifocals

For glasses wearers that are still young, single vision lenses will correct the vision of those who are nearsighted or farsighted. However, a common vision development with age is presbyopia. If you have this condition, you will most likely require glasses for both long and short distances. This means that either two pairs of glasses with single vision lenses or one pair with multi-focal lenses is necessary. 
Single vision lenses typically have a constant curvature throughout the interior surface, which means that peripheral vision is negatively affected. However, with the introduction of aspheric single vision lenses, which reduce peripheral vision distortion, this problem is much less severe. 

When do you need single vision lens glasses?

This type of lens is used for a range of activities, for instance reading or driving if you have farsighted or nearsighted vision. If you feel your natural vision is getting blurry, it may be time to consider prescription glasses or contact lenses. For an official diagnosis, you should consult a specialist. 

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