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Coloured Contact Lenses NZ

Many people wear contact lenses for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Coloured contact lenses are a great way to switch up your look and give yourself an instant makeover. You can choose something that blends in with your natural eye colour or stands out. Like all other contacts, they're comfortable to wear on a daily basis without feeling any discomfort. 


Are you wondering when coloured contact lenses were invented? Believe it or not, colour contacts were actually developed way back in 1987. Over time, technology has improved drastically, allowing wearers to transform their looks with bright colours and creative designs. Coloured contact lenses online in Australia can be purchased with a prescription or without one (plano contact lenses).


Are Coloured contact lenses safe? 

Coloured contact lenses are absolutely safe as long as they are properly prescribed, worn and cared for. Like all other contact lenses, you should only buy or wear contacts with a proper prescription and approved by a licensed optician. Our certified online opticians will be able to help you select the right plano coloured contact lenses. It's important to always consult with an eye care professional before using coloured lenses.


It's also highly recommended that you never share any contact lenses with anyone else, as this greatly increases your risk of infection. Furthermore, you should only sleep in lenses that are prescribed for continuous wear and be sure to take them out and clean them regularly according to the instructions given by your eye care professional.


Where to buy coloured contact lenses?

Online at SmartBuyGlasses, it's quick and easy to buy coloured contact lenses in Australia. Firstly, choose if you want to wear daily, weekly or monthly coloured contact lenses. Then pick the brand (Acuvue coloured contact lenses, for example) and the colour you prefer among the ones available. Add your contacts prescription (if needed), make the purchase and start expressing your unique style like never before!