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  • 11/29
    Quick service
    Quick service
    Miriama Gideona
  • 11/28
    Fast service, far cheaper than in the opticians..thinnest lenses I've ever received! So glad to have an affordable Eyewear option. I'm from NZ and theres a monopoly. Highly recommend
  • 11/28
    Value for money
    I use this site because of the ease and great service you get from them.
  • 11/27
    So far so good
    So far so good
    Michael Elliott
  • 11/27
    Glasses were exactly as I ordered
    Glasses were exactly as I ordered. Ordering experience was easy. Pricing was good. Delivery was smooth. No issues.
  • 11/27
    Best place to buy glasses
    Best place to buy glasses
    Veno Chu
  • 11/27
    delivery on Time
    delivery on Time, No issue with frame
  • 11/27
    nice and quick
    nice and quick, very good quality
    brett tobin
  • 11/27
    Probably more good luck than good…
    Probably more good luck than good planning. I went ahead with an untested new subscription and it just happened to work out perfectly. The manufacturing must be incredible good as well.
    Tom Pyatt
  • 11/27
    Great value long wait time
    Best price our there! Be sure to order well ahead of time as my order arrived much later than expected
  • 11/27
    Efficient system.
    Good communication. Item wasn't in stock so had to wait when the web site did not say it was out of stock. Good range - has exact glasses I wanted. Shading of prescription sun glasses was lighter than I expected and the original lenses. Would have preferred darker shading though not as dark as original.
    Tom Macky
  • 11/27
    Great range
    Great range, good prices.
  • 11/27
    Awesome platform and really reassuring…
    Awesome platform and really reassuring human service behind it!
    Richard Catherall
  • 11/27
    Excellent communication.
    Excellent communication.
    Andrew Wood
  • 11/27
    Good communication on delivery process
    Good communication on delivery process. Product was what I wanted.
    Tony Goode
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Glasses NZ

Despite the introduction of eye surgery techniques such as Lasik and the use of contact lenses, glasses have continued to grow in popularity both in New Zealand and the entire world. That is because glasses in NZ have beautiful frames, come in a variety of colours and shapes and also offer vision correction and eye protection. At SmartBuyGlasses, we offer a range of glasses to suit different needs. We also work with different brands to ensure our clients get the best. From Arnette, Ray-ban and Wayfarer glasses to Gucci and Michael Kors, we have it all. What’s more, we offer delivery to different parts of New Zealand so you can rest assured that the perfect pair of glasses will arrive at the most convenient location for you.

The History of Glasses

While it is not clear when or where eyeglasses were first used, a lot of historians agree that the earliest records of the use of glasses or lenses for magnification can be traced back to the Roman empire. It was Roman scholars that used pieces of glass attached to wood or leather to read through scrolls that had tiny texts.

The first wearable eyeglasses appeared in Italy back in the 13th century. Because of the tremendous change, the glasses brought to the wearer a lot of people demanded to have a pair for themselves and so from that time many companies responded to the demand and started manufacturing and refining glasses to suit different preferences and needs.

Why Glasses are an Important Accessory

Here are just some of the reasons that make glasses an important accessory for people from all walks of life.

They correct vision

Certain health problems can compromise vision and one of the best ways to correct such problems is by the use of prescription glasses. Some examples of problems that require eyeglasses include the following.

Shortsightedness - also referred to as myopia is a common eye problem in which the individual is unable to view objects clearly unless they are nearby. Individuals with this condition tend to view things as being blurred when they are a great distance away. Researchers believe that approximately 30% of New Zealanders suffer from some sort of myopia. What’s more, by 2050 about 5 billion people across the world will be suffering from this condition.

Farsightedness - also referred to as hyperopia is a condition in which the individual can see objects that are far away but tends to experience blurred vision when looking at nearby objects. This condition occurs when light is not refracted properly on the cornea because of an uneven surface or damage to the lens. Farsightedness most commonly affects children with rates of 8% at 6 years and 1% at 15 years. The condition becomes common again after individuals hit the age of 40.

Astigmatism - this is a common imperfection that causes the front surface of the eye or the lens inside to curve. The result of this curvature is that the individual is unable to have a clear vision. Individuals that have this condition may experience fuzzy, blurry or distorted vision. Astigmatism may develop from birth or can be a result of an eye injury or some sort of surgery. Certain diseases may lead to the development of this condition.

Eye injury - injuries to the eyes can happen to anyone and at any time and while some injuries heal fully others leave the individual with vision problems. Eyeglasses can be one of the most effective ways to correct vision problems due to injury.

Eye protection

Eyes are a powerful organ because they act as a guide daily. However, they are also exposed to a lot of dangers and that is why it is important to have some kind of eye protection.

Individuals that spend a lot of their time in front of desktop or laptop screens are particularly at risk of suffering from blue light damage. It is worth pointing out that blue light passes directly to the back of the retina and may lead to macular degeneration. The use of special glasses to prevent such an unfortunate incident can be key.

A sportsperson can also benefit from the use of protective eyewear. When playing in areas that have a lot of dust or other particles, it is possible to have such things get into the eyes and cause problems. Skiing goggles, waterproof swimming glasses, hunting or shooting glasses and cycling goggles can be quite helpful in keeping the eyes safe.

Regular people walking out in the sun, riding their bicycle down the street or lounging at their favorite beach can also enjoy the benefits of eye protection. Shades or sunglasses are a particularly good choice for anyone that wants to keep their eyes safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Cosmetic use

Some glasses are specially designed to offer cosmetic value. They come in different shapes, designs and colours meaning you can find something to match different outfits. The best part is that at SmartBuyGlasses, we offer such glasses at a range of prices meaning you can find quality cosmetic glasses at a cost you are most comfortable with.

Picking the Right Glasses

Because of the variety of glasses on the market, it may be quite difficult to choose the most ideal for yourself. However, with the right information on what exactly to look for, your selection process should be relatively easy.

Think of the frame material

One of the most important things to consider is the frame material. Most glasses are designed with metal or plastic frames. Metallic frames are often thin and quite durable. Metal frames can accidentally bend out of shape but still be restored without requiring too much repair work.

Plastic frames are quite versatile because they allow manufacturers to include different designs and colours. Most cosmetic glasses have plastic frames. Another advantage of plastic is that it can have a semi-rimless design which is quite trendy. What’s more, plastic frames are poor heat conductors and will therefore not expand or contract depending on the prevailing temperatures.

There is also the option to get frames that are designed from unique materials including wood, buffalo horn and bones. Although such glasses are rare, you can place an order and have the company make custom glasses just for you.

The shape of the glasses

The shape of the glasses you choose can either complement your whole look or compromise it. That is why you must be quite keen on this issue. For instance, people with round faces often look good in rectangular or square-shaped glasses while those with a heart-shaped face tend to look good in aviator or geometric-shaped glasses. If you do not know your face shape, it is prudent to use the SmartBuyGlasses Virtual Try-On to test different glasses and find the perfect match.

Lens types

There are quite a variety of lens types to choose from. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type of lens can help you determine the most appropriate for your needs.

Wavefront technology lenses - these lenses are known to offer sharp visual clarity. They are often used to design prescription glasses.

Aspheric lenses - these are often quite slim and give a sleek outlook. They are known to offer sharper peripheral vision when compared to conventional lenses.

High-index plastic lenses - these lenses are also slim and lightweight making them ideal for anyone that desires comfort. They are best known for making sunglasses because they also protect against the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Photochromic lenses - these lenses automatically turn dark as they are exposed to bright light. They also turn clear as brightness from light reduces. This effect ensures they protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Polycarbonate and trivex lenses - these lenses are thin and lightweight yet manage to be quite sturdy. These properties make them the ideal choice for safety eyewear and children’s glasses.

Polarized lenses - these are specially designed to manage reflective glare from shiny surfaces such as water and snow. That is why they are commonly used to make eyewear for sports such as skiing and swimming.

The size of the glasses

Optometrists often determine the appropriate size of glasses for each client after measuring different aspects of the user’s head and face. The distance from one pupil to another is one of the most important measurements. The length and width of the face and head also play a role in determining the most appropriate size.

The cost of glasses

At SmartBuyGlasses, we have a huge collection of quality glasses. The best part is that our glasses can cost as low as NZ$24 and can go up to NZ$200 depending on your preferences. In case of any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support staff who are always on hand to assist.

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