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Want to find the best reading glasses that will provide you with the latest trends, fashionable pieces, quality, and durability? Then you’re at the right place!


The SmartBuy Readers collection will provide you with the best reading glasses, and most importantly, the best reading glasses in Dubai. You’ll be able to discover cost-effective reading glasses online to start your day the right way, whether that be for work, education, or day to day reading. 


What are reading glasses?

First things first, let’s break down what reading glasses are, and how they are used! They're like prescription glasses but are used specifically for reading. Some people may need reading glasses as well as their normal prescriptions, to read at a closer range. 


Reading glasses are very common for glasses wearers and can be very helpful when needed. They are typically worn by those who have presbyopia, a normal age-related loss of ability to focus on up-close objects and words, such as when reading a book.


Do I need reading glasses?

This is a very frequently asked question. Most people who wear glasses notice that they may need additional eye support or a different pair of glasses when they start to read at close range. The best way to identify if you need reading glasses is to have a check-up with your optician or eye doctor.


Eyes can change from time to time, and so can our prescriptions, eye health, and eye needs. With this, it’s important to have regular check-ups with your eye doctor and to relay any changes with your eyes, so they can support you and your eye health, as much as they can.


The most common eye symptoms of needing reading glasses are:

- If you're starting to hold books or your phone differently

- If you get frequent headaches

- If your vision is becoming blurry

- If you find yourself always turning lights on

- If you’re starting to squint, or squint more


All of these can be small indicators that you may need to go to an optician and have your eyes checked, or that you may also need reading glasses.


What happens if I wear reading glasses all the time?

This is all dependent on your reading glasses prescription and strength. Normally, if the prescription or magnification is weak, then they should be ok to wear for longer periods now and then, however, this isn’t recommended by SmartBuyGlasses


If you have a stronger reading prescription, then most or all opticians will highly recommend not to wear your reading glasses for all occasions. The stronger the reading prescription, and the longer they are worn, could potentially hinder your eye health and could make your eyes feel worse.


If you have reading glasses, please make sure to talk to your optician or eye doctor as to when you should wear them. 


To answer any questions about reading glasses and eye health, there can sometimes be misconceptions. Reading glasses will not make your eyes worse if worn correctly. 


This is why it’s important to wear your reading glasses only when they are needed. To look after your eyes and your eye health, a great recommendation would be to take a 5-minute break for every hour of screen time that is used. This can help your eyes to have a quick rest and to rejuvenate themselves and avoid digital eye strain.


Other than being able to find the best reading glasses that promotes eye health, you’ll also be able to find the best reading glasses in Dubai with SmartBuyGlasses, by having the most in trend reading glasses in the SmartBuy Readers collection!


All of the frames within the SmartBuy Readers collection have been carefully selected, to provide everyone with the best reading glasses, that come with style, comfort, and quality, all in one pair!


The most in-demand and trendy reading glasses have to be the ovals for the classy and sophisticated look, followed by squares, an all-time favourite, which are worn normally for work and education.


Once you’ve found the perfect reading glasses, with the shape of your desires, you’ll be able to add SmartBuyGlasses ingenious zFORT® blue light protection to your lenses, at checkout. Not only will you feel on cloud 9 with your dreamy reading glasses, but you can relax knowing that your eyes are protected from blue light, avoiding digital eye strain. 


You now have all of the information you need to find the ultimate perfect pair of glasses! To top it all off, SmartBuyGlasses offer their advanced Virtual Try-On-Tool which will enable you to try on endless frames and shop until you drop! All of this fun at the comfort of your own home, with no ques, no fuss, no hassle. We hope you love it as much as everyone else does!


Found a frame you already love or want to browse? Find the best reading glasses that will provide you with a simple, fresh style, as well as durability and comfort, all for the best price guaranteed.