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      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

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    • Wraparound

    Frame Material

    Lens Material

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    Nike Glasses

    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from NZ$49

    Nike Glasses

    Nike eyewear

    When you look at these Nike frames, you know you're getting a clear edge. Whether our multi-colour or black glasses, Nike opticals are clean and simple, with an unmistakeable kick to them. Crystal clear design meets the breath of life, infusing these simple but elegant Nike frames with the sort of drive and ambition others can only dream of.

    If ever a brand was classic but muted – first-rate but modest, it would be Nike Vision. You know what you're getting with such an iconic brand, and so does everybody you meet. They're getting you – a soon to be world-beater. If these Nikes grab you, but not quite enough... you might enjoy a zany twist on a similar concept with our Tommy Hilfiger glasses.

    You're in good company with Nike. But don't take our word for it. Believe Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant. He's proud to own a multitude of Nike spectacles. He wears Nike at home, on the street, in the club, and everywhere in between. No other brand can inspire and lift so many superstars, and it's testament to the swoosh that they keep coming back for more.

    It's the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that does it for Kevin, because he knows the basics are what drives everything great. Street ballers can have all the flair they want, but they'll never be where Kevin is unless they focus on their basic game. Likewise, other brands have their advantages, but they don't inspire and lift the titans to greater heights like Nike optics.

    Check out what Kevin says on the subject: “As a player, you work on the details. It’s how you win. It’s how you get to the top.” First hand evidence that the pros aren't concerned with extravagance. Classic timeless styles, with great function are always in demand, and they always will be. So get yours today.

    Nike is the layup, the jump-shot, and the free throw. It's the perfect bounce and the swift chest-pass. Nike masters the fundamentals, and leaves its flair-obsessed competitors standing in the dust, wondering why they never made it to the top. Simply put, there are no gimmicks. There's no need.

    Nikes are the perfect day to day companion, because they're never out of place. Whether your day involves coffee, beach walking and the library – or six meetings then a conference call, keep your Nike glasses with you to keep you grounded. Named after the goddess of victory, Nike prescription lenses and frames are there to fill you with pride and let you tap into the myths and legends of yesteryear. Dig deep, push on. Ever forward.

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