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    • 40 mm
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    Carrera Glasses


    Carrera Glasses

    Carrera frames

    When Wilhelm Anger started his company in 1956, he had a vision. His vision was to help people unlock the potential inside themselves, and be the best in their chosen field. He made ski glasses to help people carve the slopes fearlessly. He made motorcycle goggles to help people edge out faster and faster speeds. Wilhelm was concerned with the end result – tunneling all his focus into one end goal – being the best. Wilhelm wanted his customers to go faster, be safer, and get the respect they deserved as leaders in their field.

    Some glasses are a burden. Some feel like they're getting in the way more than helping. They're too heavy, or they fall off. They slide around, or they pinch your nose. Some are weak. Some bend, and never quite feel the same again.

    Not Carrera. Like Tom Ford glasses, Carrera glasses work with you, not against you. When you wear Carrera opticals, you fly an instantly recognisable flag that says “I want the best – which is why I got the best.” When you look at the world through Wilhelm's lenses, your entire world view is filtered through his unshakeable legacy of speed, professionalism, and determination.

    Never be stared down or intimidated. Never feel like a fish in a shark tank. Never be made to feel less than you are. When you bend light through Wilhelm's lenses, you send all the right signals – just you watch. Walk tall with Carrera, knowing Wilhelm had somebody exactly like you in mind. Go fast. Go with Carrera.

    Carrera understands everybody needs different things. Whether you're an oval, a heart, a square or a circle – warm or cool, blues, reds or beiges. Extroverted socialite or courtroom decorum, there exist perfect Carrera frames for you. Rimless glasses? Thin or chunky? Slick, or funky? A good accessory becomes part of your identity, projecting an image you're truly happy with. Not the other way around.

    Don't be afraid to be the real you. Don't walk into a discount store and buy the first thing that feels okay for eight seconds. Nobody feels good about that. Think hard about your decision. Make this part of your voyage of self discovery. Find your perfect pair today, then enjoy the view. You'll never see yourself the same again.

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