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    Persol PO0009

    Persol PO0649

    Persol PO0649 Polarized

    Persol PO0714 Folding

    Persol PO0714 Folding Polarized

    Persol PO2388S

    Persol PO2409S

    Persol PO2422SJ

    Persol PO2430S

    Persol PO2430S Polarized

    Persol PO2435S

    Persol PO2747S

    Persol PO2747S POL

    Persol PO2803S

    Persol PO2803S POL

    Persol PO2931S

    Persol PO2953S

    Persol PO2953S POL

    Persol PO2953S Polarized

    Persol PO2990S

    Persol PO2994S

    Persol PO2999S

    Persol PO3007S

    Persol PO3007S Polarized

    Persol PO3015S

    Persol PO3019S

    Persol PO3019S Polarized

    Persol PO3024S Capri

    Persol PO3027S

    Persol PO3028S

    Persol PO3037S

    Persol PO3037S Polarized

    Persol PO3038S

    Persol PO3042S

    Persol PO3043S

    Persol PO3046S

    Persol PO3046S Polarized

    Persol PO3047S Polarized

    Persol PO3048S

    Persol PO3048S Polarized

    Persol PO3056S

    Persol PO3056S Polarized

    Persol PO3058S

    Persol PO3059S

    Persol PO3059S Polarized

    Persol PO3064S Polarized

    Persol PO3067S Polarized

    Persol PO3072S

    Persol PO3072S Polarized

    Persol PO3074S

    Persol PO3074S Polarized

    Persol PO3075S

    Persol PO3075S Polarized

    Persol PO3081S

    Persol PO3082S

    Persol PO3086S

    Persol PO3086S Polarized

    Persol PO3087S

    Persol PO3087S Polarized

    Persol PO3091SM

    Persol PO3091SM Polarized

    Persol PO3092SM

    Persol PO3092SM Polarized

    Persol PO3097S

    Persol PO3097S Polarized

    Persol PO3098S

    Persol PO3099S

    Persol PO3099S Polarized

    Persol PO3101S

    Persol PO3101S Polarized

    Persol PO3102S

    Persol PO3102S Polarized

    Persol PO3103S

    Persol PO3103S Polarized

    Persol PO3104S

    Persol PO3104S Polarized

    Persol PO3105S

    Persol PO3105S Polarized

    Persol PO3108S

    Persol PO3108S Polarized

    Persol PO3110S

    Persol PO3110S Polarized

    Persol PO3111S

    Persol PO3112S

    Persol PO3112S Polarized

    Persol PO3113S

    Persol PO3113S Polarized

    Persol PO3114S

    Persol PO3114S Polarized

    Persol PO3125S

    Persol PO3125S Polarized

    Persol PO9649S

    Persol PO9649S Polarized

    Persol PO9714S Folding

    Persol PO9714S Folding Polarized

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    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Persol Sunglasses


    Persol Sunglasses

    Persol sunglasses are daring designer shades at their most scientifically crafted. From humble beginnings as the designer of protective goggles for fighter pilots and sports racers, the Persol brand has always taken the technological side of eyewear seriously and to great effect. Persol shades are not only beautiful and consciously crafted, they are the highest grade quality in the design world. Optimum viewing clarity is not often a selling point in the designer eyewear world, where style and superficialities take full precedent, but Persol does not skimp on their specs; quality eye protection is Persol's legacy.

    Persol have been working on their eyewear for over 100 years, perfecting a system of gradient lenses so as to provide the greatest protection from the sun. Their distinctive use of layers of graduating amber glass were instantly recognisable in the goggles of pilots and explorers in the 1900's. Today the amber glass layering method has been utilised in their designer eyewear to make their shades particularly high quality in the world of name-brands. Persol will always be associated with quiet luxury, high quality and distinctively good Italian workmanship. For the name itself 'per il sol' means 'for the sun'.

    Not only does Persol take the quality of their lenses seriously, but also the quality of their frames. With adjustable bridges for the nose allowing for personal fitting, these glasses conform to the shape of anyone's face perfectly and comfortable with their soft-touch arms and cleverly and smoothly designed emblematic arrow hinge on each arm providing not only a recognisable design trait of the brand but also a high quality, sturdy hinge that resists catching on hair and fabric. These Persol PO0649 sunglasses are perfect for pairing with casual and smart outfits. For something a little more daring, Persol PO0009 sunglasses give a sports-luxe edge to any outfit.

    With these frames often spotted on the faces of the ruggedly stylish such as the infamous Daniel Craig in the James Bond films as well as on the face of the brands one-time ambassador Steve Mcqueen, they are also the go-to brand for actors and musicians such as Orlando Bloom, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake.

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