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    Ray-Ban RX2180V Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX2180VF Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX2447V Icons

    Ray-Ban RX2447VF Icons Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX3447V Round Metal

    Ray-Ban RX3532V

    Ray-Ban RX5017A Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5092 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5114 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5121 Original Wayfarer

    Ray-Ban RX5130 Icons

    Ray-Ban RX5150 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5150F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster

    Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster Fleck

    Ray-Ban RX5154M Clubmaster Wood

    Ray-Ban RX5158 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5169 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5184 New Wayfarer

    Ray-Ban RX5184F New Wayfarer Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5187 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5206 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5206F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5208D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5209D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5222

    Ray-Ban RX5225 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5226 Icons

    Ray-Ban RX5227 Caribbean

    Ray-Ban RX5228 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5228F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5245 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5246 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX5249 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX5250 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX5255 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5256 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5268 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX5269 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX5272 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX5277 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX5277F Active Lifestyle Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5279 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5279F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5285F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5286 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5286F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5287 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5287F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5288F Active Lifestyle Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5290D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5291D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5292D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5293D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5294 Icons

    Ray-Ban RX5295D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5296D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5297D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5298 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5303D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5304D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5305D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5306D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5307D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5308 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5312D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5313D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5314D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5315D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5316 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5317 Icons

    Ray-Ban RX5317F Icons Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5318D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5320D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5321D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5322 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5322F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5326D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5327D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5328D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5329D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5330D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5331D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5332D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5333D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5334 Clubmaster Folding

    Ray-Ban RX5340 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5340F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5341 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX5341F Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX5342D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6049 Icons

    Ray-Ban RX6076 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6217 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX6238 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6252D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6275 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6281D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6284 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6285 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6286

    Ray-Ban RX6286 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban RX6291 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6292D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6293D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6295 Icons

    Ray-Ban RX6298 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6299 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6307 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6308 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6309 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6311 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6313D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6314D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6317

    Ray-Ban RX6318 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6319 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6320D Active Lifestyle Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6321D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6322D Highstreet Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6328D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6329 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6331 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6332 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6333 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6334 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX6335

    Ray-Ban RX6336 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX6336M Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6337 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX6337M Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6343 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6344 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6345 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6346 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX6349D Active Lifestyle Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX6357 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7014 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX7017 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7017F Active Lifestyle Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7018 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban RX7019

    Ray-Ban RX7021 Matthew

    Ray-Ban RX7021M Matthew

    Ray-Ban RX7022 Shirley

    Ray-Ban RX7022M Shirley

    Ray-Ban RX7023 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7024 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban RX7025

    Ray-Ban RX7028 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX7029 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7029F Active Lifestyle Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7030 Highstreet

    Ray-Ban RX7042 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX7043 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX7045 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX7045F Youngster Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7046 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX7047 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7049F Lifeforce Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7053 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX7053F Youngster Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7054 Youngster

    Ray-Ban RX7054F Youngster Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7056

    Ray-Ban RX7059D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7062 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7062F Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX7063 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7066 Active Lifestyle

    Ray-Ban RX7069F Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8410

    Ray-Ban RX8703

    Ray-Ban RX8716D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8717D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8718D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8722D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8723D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8724

    Ray-Ban RX8726D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8727D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8735D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban RX8736D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX4223V Highstreet Folding

    Ray-Ban Tech RX6355 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7031 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7031F Light Ray Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7032 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7034 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7034F Liteforce Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7035 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7036 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7037 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7038 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7039 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7048 Lifeforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7049 Lifeforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7050 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7051 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX7069 Liteforce

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8411 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8412 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8413 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8414 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8415 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8691 Titanium

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8693 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8694 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8713 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8714 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8715 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8725 Light Ray

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8728D Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8731D Titanium Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8732D Titanium Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8901 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8901F Carbon Fibre Asian Fit

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8902 Carbon Fibre

    Ray-Ban Tech RX8902F Carbon Fibre Asian Fit

    Special Features

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Ray-Ban Glasses

    Ray-Ban Glasses

    Ray-Ban eyeglasses exist at an awesome mid-point between Ray-Ban sunglasses – with their snazzy design and quality construction – and the obvious reality that there's no reason such snazzy design should be confined to sunglasses, when clearly the brand is capable of so much more satisfaction, across a much wider spectrum.

    For that reason, SmartBuyGlasses is proud to bring you Ray-Ban prescription eyewear, on top of our selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

    Relax and browse through our range of over 170 quality models of prescription eyeglasses. The process is easy – find the model you like, with a colour that suits, and enter your prescription. Let us take care of the rest. Your package will turn up at your door, ready to wear. If it sounds too good to be true, it's not. It's Ray-Ban eyewear.

    Some Ray-Ban glasses are an obvious tribute to a certain kind of sunglasses. We have the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Aviator and Ray-Ban Clubmaster. But we also have completely different models which, while recognisable as Ray-Ban eyewear, nobody would instantly associate with sunglasses. This is what an eyewear brand should be like.

    We have cat-eye, oversize, as well as heaps of funky full-rims in too many delightful colours to explain. So whether your Ray-Ban sunglasses put you on this trail, or you literally couldn't care less about Ray-Ban sunglasses, but like the look of their RX glasses, browse in confidence knowing Ray-Ban eyewear had you, and your satisfaction, in mind.

    If you can't get enough of the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer – you're welcome to have it in your prescription as well. Head on over to our Ray-Ban glasses selection and click through to our RX5121.

    The Ray-Ban RX5121 is the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer prescription counterpart, coming in sheeny black, dark havana, and tortoise frames. If they weren't meant to help you see, you might think they belonged in an art gallery! However, if you want something that's not quite the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer, we have some in-between models.

    We recommend the 5248 and the 5227 for the more squared off lens. The main difference is these ones don't have as much of a pronounced slant towards the face as the 5121, whose slant stays true to the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer sunglasses angle. These models are built on the Ray-Ban Wayfarer frame, but are not distinctly branded as such. They're both available in glistening black.

    If you have a longing for the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, and nothing else will do, that's no problem either! We have the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer glasses, available in three handy colours. Blue, red, and brown. The savvy among you will note that's a warm, a cool, and a borderline neutral tone. They're clever, that's for sure.

    If you're looking to replicate the Ray-Ban Clubmaster look, the brand is one step ahead of you and have given you just the thing.

    The Ray-Ban RX5154 resembles the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster to such a high degree that you may as well be wearing the original. The black and silver model says you keep your head down and work hard – and so does the red Havana and gold. But if you're in it for something a little more extroverted, we have sociable black and orange, or mysterious brown with aqua green.

    For a similar look, but with a round shape instead of an oval shape, check out the Ray-Ban RX5294. Once again Ray-Ban has realised that with Ray-Ban Clubmaster type glasses, colour is an essential element. Be not afraid, they haven't left you in the lurch here. Choose from plain black, elegant matte black, grass green or sunflower yellow.

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