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    Bikkembergs Sunglasses


    Bikkembergs Sunglasses

    Bikkembergs is a candy buffet. A delicious trove of sweet goodies that needs to be gotten into. Each model of luxury Bikkembergs eyewear holds its own power. The power is design that not only appeals to the technically minded individual, but also tugs just a little on the heart strings. From lush lilacs and warm roses to sweet pinks and boisterous oranges, Bikkembergs is a design, colour and feature treat the likes of which some people never get to experience.

    If this is your visual and style scene, then a brand that will also be of interest is Balenciaga designer eyewear. It's very infrequent that brands can get this level of elegance absolutely right without ever changing looks, and eloquence without ever speaking words. When philosophers speak of natural beauty, Bikkembergs offers a very persuasive interpretation.

    Bikkembergs sunglasses NZ

    Get a load of the gunmetal BK616 in either shaded violet, Roviex, or grey lenses. It's that mix of gunmetal and polycarbonate that gets people going like nothing else. A new design this year, and made in Italy, there's everything to love about it.

    In shaded violet, it's a sort of sweet preserve, or raspberry and boysenberry crumble. Staring at these is like learning something about the world. Some kind of knowledge you never knew was missing, but now feel is essential. It's a real eye opener, and we're proud to offer this as part of our range.

    In Roviex it's like a double gold ensemble, bright enough to shine a plane out of the night sky. That's a white lie, but it illustrates and underlines just how fetching these Bikkembergs sunglasses are. Like a lightbulb in each lens, Bikkembergs is like a constant stream of good ideas.

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