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Safety glasses are must-haves to prevent unwanted droplets from entering your eyes. They offer full range protection against unwanted particles that can potentially harm your visual or overall health. It goes without saying that they act as a barrier from harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Fields of work where safety glasses are a must have include construction, health care, welding, electric work, auto repair, carpentry and plumbing to name a few. 


COVID-19 or not, you can rest assured that at SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll get the safety goggles at the best prices online to make sure that you have your best eye health at all times. One of the golden rules to prevent coronavirus is to not touch your eyes. Safety goggles do just that. In addition, one should wear gloves, a face covering, and wash their hands thoroughly. 


Best Safety Glasses NZ at SmartBuyGlasses


Depending on your environment, take your pick amongst the goggles we offer here at SmartBuyGlasses. If you are looking for a full range protector, take a look at the Safety Goggles SL-09. Another great option would be the Safety Goggles SL-60. These will also protect you from tiny flying particles like dust and even protect you from the sides. These goggles make sure that you are not touching your eyes until you take them off. They’re airtight, thereby sealing and protecting your eyes completely. The large size ensures you have a great field of vision. There’s no fogging with these goggles and hence can be worn for extended periods without worrying about compromised vision. 


Instead, if you’re looking to have an extra layer of covering in addition to your face, get the Face Shield WJ20198. They are a good supplement to your eye health protection but cannot be used as the only means of protection against droplets of microorganisms. The best face shields are those that come to chin-level or below in the front.


At SmartBuyGlasses, you will find high quality safety goggles that meet safety glasses standards nz for the best price online.