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  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Clear
  • Glitter
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Pattern
  • Pink
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  • Red
  • Rose-Gold
  • Silver
  • Tortoiseshell
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Jimmy Choo Glasses


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Jimmy Choo Glasses

Looking through Jimmy Choo eyewear is like looking through a candy shop. You know everything is good, but you're on the lookout for the one. You can imagine people rushing the store to buy everything else, but it doesn't interest you in quite the same way. You look through the items, patiently, inspecting each. Is this the one? Slightly too wide. A little too grabby. And then, all of a sudden, it's exactly what you were hoping you'd see. It's your very own perfect Jimmy Choo set of glasses.

Jimmy Choo... Jimmy Choo... what is Jimmy Choo? Take some Polaroid frames, some fairy bread, a few dozen gemstones and mix it all together. Tap your magic wand three times and out pops a Jimmy Choo frame that not only captivates at first sight, but also delivers on quality, vision and focus.

Jimmy Choo eyewear

Jimmy Choo glasses are like high definition TV. Crystal clear, and an absolute pleasure to watch. As they move around, you're confident that no matter what angle you catch them from, you'll not only be pleased with what you see, you might also learn something. Like a really good TV show, Jimmy Choo was actually made with the viewer in mind. Jimmy Choo was made for you.

Just look at the Jimmy Choo 58. In black, it's as dazzling as it is refreshing. The well-respected librarian type semi-rimless frame, coming together and dancing with a wiry and electrifying essence. Cool black meets cooler silver, and the result is the coolest thing of all.

In Ivory Gold, the same semi-rimless glasses look as majestic as they do innovative. It looks like ivory – but even better, it has nothing to do with poaching endangered species. It's plain old gunmetal, a material making up a large proportion of luxury eyewear. But first impressions last. You get the initial points for the ivory look, because isn't it nice? Then you get points for the gold. Then, and only then, are you judged on anything else.

The nose pads look like they could be made from diamond. The studs on the hinges? Solid gold and diamond dust. Of course they're not actually, but it's perceptions and possibilities that count in today's world. For better or worse, society at large will be judgmental. If everything else about you says you only accept the best, then a set of Jimmy Choo 58s is the perfect way to prove it.