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Wooden Sunglasses NZ

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Wooden Sunglasses NZ

Wooden Sunglasses NZ

Wooden sunglasses are one of the most eco-friendly and comfortable material options available out there. Being a natural material, it’s definitely better for the environment than using unrecyclable materials like plastic. In addition, wooden frame sunglasses NZ also feel incredibly lightweight, making you want to wear them for longer. Let’s look at the reasons why you should get wooden prescription sunglasses.


By choosing to wear wooden sunglasses New Zealand, you make a deliberate choice of helping to save the environment. This in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Every action taken to use an eco-friendly material rather than a plastic one helps reduce your impact on the environment. Wood as a material helps fight climate change as it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as reduces new carbon emissions into the air. The processing of wood requires fewer resources and energy than regular sunglasses which are made of steel, plastic, acetate or other materials- this also leads to lower negative environmental impact. Wood can also be recycled and is bio-degradable. So when you will be disposing of them, they can be turned into a new pair of glasses and won’t choke the planet. This can also be regrown using techniques such as replanting, forestry management and other natural processes. 


Being a natural material, they have the advantage of being hypo-allergenic because of the absence of added synthetic chemicals. Ever wondered why you feel more at peace in the country-side? Wood has a positive effect on the mood and overall wellbeing. More exposure to wood promotes more happiness, calmness and a state of relaxation. Wood is a durable material that can withhold use over a long period without degrading or deteriorating in quality over time. This makes them ideal for daily or rough use. Its durability makes it resistant to factors such as heat, rain, corrosion and pollutants.


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