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retrosuperfuture Sunglasses

A relative newcomer to the sunglasses game, Retrosuperfuture was founded in 2007 but has really garnered an amazing following in its short years. A firm favourite of the fashion forward and celebrities alike, the brand looks set to really shake up the sunglasses market. The brand initially started selling only three styles but has since created over 20 interesting and at times fun sunglasses shapes. The brand is truly a mix of craftsmanship, design and style.

Super Future Sunglasses

The brand has collaborated with some of the worlds most infamous artists as well as some edgy manufactures to create some of the most contemporary designs on the market. Quality is at the heart of everything the brand does and the frames are made in Italy and utlise high quality Zeiss lenses, some of the most scratch-resistant on the market. The bold colours and the interesting designs mixed with this superior quality really ensure that you’re sunglasses are cooler than cool.

RetroSuperFuture New Zealand

The brand has managed to win the allegiance of some of the worlds most influential names including Kanye West, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Daft Punk. Some of the most popular frames include the cool Paloma Francis Silver Black 769 model, and the Flat Top sunglasses, both of which are great for all occasions, whether hitting the beach or heading to town. So step into the Retrosuperfuture with SmartBuyGlasses and enjoy free shipping and a two year guarantee on all products.