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    Native sunglasses NZ

    The philosophy behind Native sunglasses is to innovate and develop the best technology, merge it with a visionary aesthetic, and then only put it to the market when it's completely finished. Native sunglasses are made for every day use, as well as ultra-marathoners and rowers.

    A helpful way to think of Native eyewear is to imagine it as a cross between Nike's emphasis on sport functionality, and Tag Heuer sunglasses with their inexorable drive toward perfect knowledge and optimal design.

    Check out the polarized wrap-around Native Vim sunglasses. They look like they were made for an advanced being – and they were! It's you! Native puts together sunglasses in the hope that they can help you realise your full potential, whatever hobbies you get up to.

    In polarozed bronze, the semi-floating lens helps to reduce fog. In showing off a bare edge, this is a bit of a statement piece about being sharp. The copper lens is just as sharp, but also a little softer. It's switched on, but placid. It takes what comes, but doesn't suffer fools. Does that sound like anyone you know?

    The Native Dash glasses have an acetate frame with lenses attached only at the top. This serves a number of purposes, but the most important is that fogging is dramatically decreased because ventilation goes way up. This means better visibility, and less risk of distraction while doing what makes you you.

    Its cool wood frame and brown lens really harkens back to a more natural way of life, where what matters is your leisure pursuits, and what kind of person you choose to be. Whether you recycle, whether you stop and smell the roses. Free your mind of the job, the pressures, the payments, and zero in on your inner voice. Is it saying “Native” yet?