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luxury Sunglasses

SmartBuyGlasses is an online store for designer sunglasses NZ, including prescription sunglasses, at everyday low prices. Browse our styles online and check what best suits your face shape using our "selfie view" tool. By simply uploading an image of your face and then clicking on a pair of glasses you like, you can see how the latest designer styles suit your look.

Do you love how designer sunglasses look and feel but not the price tag that comes with it? We guarantee you the best price you can find when you shop at SmartBuyGlasses. Find your new favorite pair of sunglasses from your favorite designer or brand that is available on our website. For more information on how to order and more information on our return policy, you can check our FAQ and if we have not answered your question, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Where to buy sunglasses

Forget everything you thought you knew about where to buy sunglasses. SmartBuyGlasses is an online store for glasses that has all the latest brands and designs of sunglasses that can all be purchased as regular polarized sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. We have solved how you can search and find the perfect pair of sunglasses at the most affordable price from all your favorite designers and styles. If you happen to choose a style or shape that you are not completely satisfied with, we also offer you a free return.

Our range of women's sunglasses, men's sunglasses and children's sunglasses includes all your favorite international brands such as Ray-Ban sunglasses and Gucci sunglasses. Our online shopping process gives you the opportunity to shop comfortably from your own home in your own time. Search through our designer brands like Quay sunglasses or filter by style like cat-eye sunglasses or round sunglasses or by color like tortoise frames. If you are looking for polarized sunglasses, we have a large selection as well as for clip-on sunglasses if you are just looking for a complement to your regular glasses.

When it comes to searching for the right pair of sunglasses, there is a lot to think about. Sunglasses are more than just protecting your eyes from strong sun rays. Shopping for the right frame, shape and size is very important to find the ultimate pair that you will love, not only for the first time you try them on, but also every time you put them on after that. Sunglasses are also a great way to enhance an outfit. Casual jeans and a t-shirt give a more relaxed look, but with a pair of exaggerated pairs of frames from Dolce & Gabbana or a pair of stylish Armani sunglasses, you can make heads turn. Traditionally, when you have gone shopping for sunglasses, you have probably had to bring at least one friend who can check that what you see in the mirror is what they also see. There's nothing worse than falling in love with a style or design, only to find out that what you brought home was actually not as flattering as you thought. Having a friend who can check the sunglasses for you has been the best way to make sure you get objective advice on styles and shapes that you are considering. But now you do not have to worry. When you shop for a pair of prescription frames, it is often difficult to see what the frames actually look like. Now we have changed all that. Now you can shop online with confidence and use our unique virtual try-on tool option. By uploading a photo of your face to our website, you can virtually try on our entire collection of sunglasses and get a clear picture of what they look like. No blurry edges or wondering if your friend's taste is trustworthy or not. You can now see what you look like when you wear one of our classic styles and new frames quickly, easily and for as many different styles as you want.

Face shapes

So, now that you know the best way to search, try and decide on the latest styles of sunglasses available from brands like Oakley sunglasses NZ and Quay sunglasses NZ, how do you know you have chosen some of the most flattering styles? Have you ever found a pair of beautiful Tiffany & Co sunglasses and then not been quite sure that they actually fit your face?

The first rule when it comes to buying sunglasses is the same as when buying any glasses, and a pretty obvious one: You should always choose a frame type, shape and size that suits your face. When it comes to frame styles, you can generally go for choosing a style that is directly opposite to your natural face shape. It may sound backwards, but just like the old saying goes, opposites attract. By choosing a shape that is the opposite of your face, it neutralizes rather than emphasizes your natural shape. For example, someone with a square face would best suit in a pair of round frames for the most neutral and flattering look. They work to smooth out your neutral angles and create a gentler softness around your edges of your face. People with a square face generally have a jaw line that is about the same width as their forehead. Classic square faces include Orlando Bloom.

If you have a square face but do not really like soft or round frames, then you can go for a pair of classic aviator glasses that also fit your face shape. Choosing a classic style like the pilot frame ensures that your new sunglasses are timeless, which easily takes you from one fashion trend to another by always looking sharp and stylish.

If you have a round face shape, then you should look for the opposite style of frames and you should look for our square styles. Classic square frame styles are always in trend, especially from the brands Dirty Dog sunglasses and Oakley sunglasses. You know you have a round face if the widest part of your face is your cheeks. Choosing an angular frame will not only complement your neutral charm but will also give your face a more angular and longer look, which is normally very slim and flattering.

For someone with a round face shape and darker skin and hair tones, you can go a little harder when it comes to stronger shapes and choose a darker glass tone and frame colors. For someone with lighter skin and hair, soft brown and amber colors are your best friends, especially if you have a nice curve on them. If you're a big fan of darker lens and frame colors, that's okay too. Just be aware that your new sunglasses may look a bit like a special agent from the 80's blockbusters. It can be exactly what you are looking for of course and then go for it! You will find stylish styles from brands like and classic designs like Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

Sunglasses lovers with a long face - people with a face that is longer than it is wide - the round frame style is also your friend. The styling effect that you are looking for is to offset the length of your face rather than lengthening it. Choosing frame sizes that are wider than your face will only accentuate how long your face is. Ideally, you want to choose a frame that has an approximately 1:1 ratio of width to length like the classic clubmaster style with a heavy top and frame-free bottom. Use our online size guide to make sure you choose the perfect size for your face.

People with a triangular face shape have a pointy or well-defined chin that pulls your face shape down and toward a point. For this type of face shape, rectangular or larger frames fit perfectly. They balance out the natural slenderness of your jaw line, especially if you have a beard or wider features.

Check out our entire range of sunglasses from the best and most popular international designer brands. You will always find the best price on your favorite styles and designers online including our kids sunglasses.