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ed hardy Sunglasses

Ed Hardy eyewear

Ed Hardy sunglasses don't disappoint. Not only do they equal the intensity of Ed Hardy prescription glasses, they surpass it in certain ways. But then the sunglasses would be more colourful – it's just simple design logic. Because the lenses are tinted, certain shades can be put to work in the tints. A colourful tint adds a whole new range of possibilities. Talk about smart.

Ed Hardy is largely tattoo based art, and so it's at its best when it can be fluid and colourful. Well, what a treat – the whole range is completely saturated with colour from top to bottom. Ed Hardy sunglasses are what the world would look like if everybody had tattoos. Some would say much better, some would be put off, but nobody could say it would be less interesting. And therein lies Ed Hardy in a word. Interesting.

Take a closer look at the Ed Hardy 021 Sheriff Dragon. What a splendid application of design. Imagine the conversation. Hi, how's it going? Yes, my dragon has a badge. It's a zany humour that can't possibly appeal to everybody, but nonetheless those who appreciate it will really appreciate it.

The Ed Hardy 028 Medusa is a miniature gem mosaic based around Medusa's folktale. There's gold and purple and yellow and green and pink and orange and... no, it's not Joseph's amazing technicolour dreamcoat. It's Ed Hardy's amazing Medusa, designed not just to make you stand out, but to make you think.

For a different kind of beautiful design see Bikkembergs designer eyewear. Bikkembergs use colour in a much more sparse way. It's still utilised well, but the balance is entirely different. If Ed Hardy dazzles, Bikkembergs stuns.