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bolle kids Sunglasses

Bolle for kids

There are some things kids can't do. Reach the top shelf, drive a car (legally), and vote. But there are, in the same way, many things that kids can do just as well as adults. These include, but are not limited to, ski, snowboard, and generally be extreme.

A new generation is upon us. The energy drink generation with the energy to go, go, go, and the driving force of technology to make their dreams a reality. So when these kids hit the slopes and try to look the part, it's important that we don't hold them back. Because who are we really holding back? The future.

Bolle Kids is made with just the same level of care in mind as Bolle for adults. The only real distinction is size. Bolle Kids is little for little faces. How precious! Made of polycarbonate, this lens is ready and willing to be put through its paces. Because what else is life for? Get out there and live it!

Bolle Kids AMP ski goggles are both practical and pretty. The perfect mix of style and function, form and performance. In daredevil red with black strap, the colourful boxes on the strap both capture the imagination, and remind us that everything can be reduced down to a simple and primary nature.

Bolle Kids Nova ski goggles are the coolest things out! Purple and green is always extreme, and the colourful lettering on the strap just serves to reinforce the unpredictable nature of these extroverted goggles. Carving up the slopes has never been so in your face. But that's just Bolle sometimes.

It doesn't matter whether your precious one normally wears Bottega Veneta, or Ray-Ban sunglasses for kids. What matters is that when they're out there, they're out there in the best. Bolle Kids.