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bluebay Sunglasses

Bluebay is for the young and the young at heart. They are an adventure in and of themselves. They're for uncomplicated people, happy to be swept up in a fun moment. Bluebay sunglasses are cartwheels on the grass, and building sandcastles at the beach. They're not sunglasses for strolling to the office, but they might be the sunglasses for strolling out of it.

Bluebay glasses say... I don't have much spare time. So I want to enjoy the spare time I do get. Bluebay glasses says... I never take my eyes off the prize.

Blue Bay sunglasses NZ

The B&B 875 is the playful and fresh twist to your day that you'll always be grateful to see. Whenever you pick these bad boys up, you'll remember that life is really just one big twist of blue and orange and everything in between, and everything will be just a little bit better. It could be basketball training, or the drive home. It could be working on a tan, or taking your little brother to hockey practice.

There are no truly bad days with Bluebay. That's the way design gets right in our souls. If design can communicate an idea successfully, as the 875 can, then something truly wonderful has happened. Don't miss out on maybe the wisest purchase you will ever make.

In green and brown, it's slightly more meditative. It's calmer, it's less on the go. It's chilled out and ready to fly – at the speed you set. It's for hanging out with friends, wearing on a casual skate, or just some good old fashioned shopping.

The 875 is a mens model, but strictly speaking there are no rules against girls being awesome too. If something a bit more feminine is on the menu, Chloe sunglasses for a cool selection at a cool price.