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Revo Sunglasses

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Revo Sunglasses

Revo is to adventuring, what Serengeti sunglasses are to driving. Made with your next adventure in mind, these larger than life Revo sunglasses understand who you are and where you're going.

Climbing, river crossing, or hiking, you need to be safe from the sun. Not only that, you need to stay safe from distraction. The last thing anybody in the outdoors needs is to be assaulted by a broadside of glare. Around water, ice, snow, or other reflective surfaces, you will want to take full advantage of our range of Revo polarised sunglasses. Never take your eyes off the prize.

Revo sunglasses NZ

The Revo Harness is a colourful model, not unlike a piece of contemporary art. The polarised lens seems to shine with a life of its own. Coming in three earthy lens styles – water blue, bronze brown and graphite grey, the Harness is something you can trust to carry you through. (Just like the name implies.)

With Revo Harness sunglasses, the water lens is tweaked to drown out the most glare from water, allowing beautiful colours to shine through and meet your eyes much more naturally. The bronze brown is adjusted for colour and contrast enhancement, and the graphite grey is the best multi-purpose choice, adjusted to work in dynamic light conditions. Use the graphite lenses for climbing and cycling.

The Revo Descend model also makes excellent use of these lenses, but with the added bonus of a wraparound style to deliver a more snug fit. The rimless frame allows for maximum ventilation – because nobody needs fogged glasses, and the polycarbonate makeup of the lens ensures a strong product to stand up to the elements.

With less distractions, you're free to look further ahead. With less to worry about, you're free to concentrate fully on the future. Revo is Italian, but it's relevant all over the world. Wherever there are mountains, cliffs and a world outside the city limits... if you look around, there is Revo.