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Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

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Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is one of, if not the top, eyewear brands worldwide. With a long history of high-quality, high-class frames, these industry giants are among our most popular brands for a reason. At SmartBuyGlasses NZ, we stock hundreds of different frames, including Ray-Ban sunglasses, Ray-Ban glasses, aviators and more.


Founded in 1936 in Rochester, NY, Ray-Ban is now owned by Luxottica and base themselves in the fashion capital of the world, Milan. While we know them as a hugely influential brand, Ray-Ban's origins are somewhat more utilitarian. 


In 1929, a USAAC Colonel, John A. Macready, needed some protective eyewear for his pilots. He partnered up with medical equipment suppliers Bausch & Lomb to create custom-designed aviation sunglasses. If you're familiar with Ray-Ban's top sellers, you might see where this is going. 


Macready desperately needed sunglasses that would a) protect his men's eyes from the blinding light levels at high altitude and b) not fog up. Visibility was a must. They developed a prototype in 1936, with plastic frames and glare-removing green lenses. The following year, they were made available to the public with sleek metal frames and a now-classic design, with Kalichrome lenses designed to sharpen details and minimise haze by filtering out blue light.


Since then, Ray-Ban have continued to innovate, introducing design classics like Wayfarers and Clubmasters that have remained popular for decades. Their speciality is mass-producing eyewear while not skimping on quality - and it's a speciality they've made an art form. 


If you're looking for Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, you've most certainly come to the right place. With a whole load of options to choose from (over 30,000, in fact), you're absolutely spoiled for choice at SmartBuyGlasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses, black sunglasses, tortoiseshell sunglasses, you name it. There's almost too much to choose from! 


Shop our range of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses now at SmartBuyGlasses. You can buy designer frames and value collections alike online in total peace of mind knowing that we provide a 24-month warranty on every pair of glasses or sunglasses in our store, which covers both frames AND lenses. And, if you change your mind about your new purchase, you can easily get your money back with our 100-day returns policy.


Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses:  Top 3 Best Sellers at SmartBuyGlasses

These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Gradient sunglasses are the first of three different types of Ray-Ban Aviators that make up our top 3 best sellers. These sunglasses have all the vintage flair of the first ever Ray-Ban sunglasses, with the added style kick of some cool brown gradient lenses. 


These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator sunglasses are the classics. Slick, thin metal full-rim frames encasing some large brown lenses. They're certified eyewear icons, and it's easy to see why. As suited to poolside lounging as high-altitude cruising, these shades should be in your lookbook no matter what.


These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Polarized sunglasses are an expert choice for anyone who wants some high-level style for the great outdoors. With polarised lenses that are perfectly suited to protect your eyes from glare, these are a great mix of style and substance from Ray-Ban.


Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses:  3 Hand-Picked Faves From Our Team

These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Flash sunglasses are one of our team's favourite pairs of shades. With those classic skinny metal frames that we know and love, coupled with striking blue lenses, these are a flashy style option for anyone looking to spice up their sunglasses rotation.


These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Gradient Polarized sunglasses combine the three best aspects of our top 3 best sellers. They've got the classic aviator frame design, the sleek gradient shades for added style, and the polarized lens technology to protect your eyes in harsh conditions.


These Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Mirror sunglasses are an ideal way to invite some '70s style into your wardrobe. With those big, brash mirrored lenses and classy metal frames, these shades will simply shine.


Virtual Try-On 

While we deliver anywhere, we also have an amazing feature that can help you decide which glasses suit you best from the huge range on sale: our new Virtual Try-On tool. Just click the icon on each product’s page, and you’re all set for modelling designer sunglasses at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking for Prada sunglasses or Gucci sunglasses, you’ve come to the right place - you can try on your favourite pairs of Ray-Ban Sunglasses online without having to even leave your home! 


For our customers, it’s been the ultimate 2020 replacement for a great day out shopping - as we’ve been adjusting to new routines and staying at home 24/7, we’ve opened up a whole load of free time to explore our enormous online shop. After all, there’s never been a better time for a sneaky virtual afternoon shopping trip when you otherwise might have been commuting! 


Face Shape: Top Tips from SmartBuyGlasses NZ

If you have a square face:

You have a well-defined face with a wide forehead, strong cheekbones, jawline and chin. Your most prominent feature is mostly likely your prominent jawline. Round glasses or thinner frames would be a great contrast to your strong features and be better suited to you. All the curves can help soften your features and compliment your natural looks. We recommend round and oval frames, but aviators or pilot frames are worth a look too!


If you have a round face:

The typical features of a round face are wide foreheads, full cheeks and rounded chins. Your face is normally nearly equal in length and width. We recommend glasses with strong details and angles to contrast your soft features. By adding some contrast, your face can look thinner and longer. We recommend rectangular, butterfly and wayfarer frames.


If you have an oval face:

You have balanced features and high cheekbones, with a slightly narrower chin compared to your forehead. A lot of people consider this to be the most ideal face shape, with the most balanced proportions. People with oval-shaped faces are really lucky as pretty much any pair of glasses will suit them! However, you should be careful with oversized glasses as they can detract from your naturally balanced features.


If you have a heart-shaped face:

The typical complexion of a heart shaped face is a wide forehead, high cheekbones, narrow jaw and a well-defined chin. Your face resembles a heart shape since it is widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom. The aim when choosing glasses for heart shaped faces is to help create the illusion of a smaller forehead and a broader chin. This can be achieved by choosing glasses that are wider than your forehead. We recommend Pilot/Aviator, wraparound and wayfarer frames.


Optical Centre 

We pride ourselves on providing customers with well-researched, optician-approved advice about some key parts of the eyewear world. We’ve got a whole host of different articles, split into three main categories: eye health, eyeglasses and sunglasses. Here, you can find in-depth pieces about eye conditions, prescriptions and more. 


We also run an ‘Ask the Optician’ section. Here, we take some of our customers’ most burning questions and answer them briefly yet succinctly. There are dozens upon dozens of Q&A-style pages here, all overflowing with eyewear and eye health facts. 


SmartBuyGlasses NZ 

We’re the leading e-commerce eyewear destination to shop designer brands, for less. We stock hundreds of brands, all with unique designs and approaches to eyewear. From designer brands like Gucci, to sunglass kings Ray-Ban, to affordable ranges like SmartBuy Collection, we’re sure you’ll find what you love. 


Discover 180+ designer brands and get up to 50% off at SmartBuyGlasses NZ. What sets us apart from the crowd is our unbeatable prices – from discounted designer frames to £7 affordable glasses, we’ve always got a load of discounts on offer, and we stick to our best price guarantee


Our Commitment to Our Customers 

As well as providing the best cheap glasses and lenses on the web, we’re committed to always improving our customer experience. That’s why we provide a 2-year warranty on all eyewear, 100-day returns, FREE shipping, our best price guarantee and accessible eyewear for any budget! 


SmartBuyGlasses: top brands, best prices – it’s eyewear made easy.