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Gianfranco Ferre Sunglasses

Gianfranco Ferre sunglasses NZ

Gianfranco Ferre was a remarkable man. Six time Occio d'Oro award winner for best Italian fashion designer, not to mention recipient of Milan's gold medal, it's not for nothing that he was referred to as the architect of fashion.

As with Tom Ford, Ferre started with an architecture degree designing low level fashion. Two years later, he started his own company and the sky became the limit.

Gianfranco Ferre sunglasses have a wide range of eyewear, to please a wide range of tastes. From the Swarovski crystal coated 689-1 to the simple but effective models which use lens tints instead of crystals to shine. From the yellow black and red 551-3 to the plain white 562, Gianfranco Ferre eyewear is made with everybody in mind – not just the jewel hunters and design junkies.

The 914 is one of our top selling models, and its exactly because it flies in the face of bling culture. Staying true to a classic glossy look, the 914 employs an awesome gold frame and smoked Roviex tint lenses to create a great yacht millionaire, or Florida beach look. It could be Milan fashion week, or a coffee run. It could be fashion school, or it could be grocery shopping. The possibilities are endless with Gianfranco Ferre luxury eyewear.

Exhibit A: the Gianfranco Ferre 621s. In rockstar gold and straited honey, it's Elton John meets Robbie Williams and Bono. But for women – cool beans! At a pinch, these can be turned into everyday glasses by plugging in your prescription.

Exhibit B: the 726 model. In fresh leaf green, this wraparound model with vented sides is as unique as it is totally breathtaking. The 726 is an enduring symbol of originality and inspiration.

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