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    Fila Sunglasses

    Fila is known for its sporty style that features colorful yet simple designs. The Fila eyewear collection embraces this concept, bringing you a variety of classic styles with bold colors. If you’re after a casual look and seeking comfortable frames, Fila is the brand for you.

    Fila is a classic Italian brand, famous for its sporting apparel, particularly on the tennis court thanks to the legendary blonde haired, blue-eyed Bjorn Borg. The Fila brand broke the mould by incorporating bright colors into its clothing, proving that classic does not have to mean conservative. It soon expanded to include streetwear which is now becoming increasingly popular amongst those seeking a vintage look. With the chunky ‘dad’ Fila trainers back on the scene, everyone wants to don the iconic Fila logo.

    Stepping into the eyewear scene, Fila continues to bring vivid hues to the fashion world with its Fila sunglasses. Many Fila glasses have vibrant temple tips and embellishments, contrasting with the dark metal frames to create an awesome look. Fila eyewear is functional, elegant and bold, offering sporting models as well as incredible fashionable pieces. For a sporty yet stylish look, Fila has you covered.

    Most Popular Fila Sunglasses

    This wraparound pair of sunglasses is polarized, making them a perfect addition to adventurous trips to the mountains or beach, or simply a stroll around the city.

    This pair of performance sunglasses is sleek but fashionable and the simple black frame is sure to go with any outfit.

    These square black frames with blue lenses are eye catching but minimalistic, giving you a simple but stylish look.

    Be bold in Fila.