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Cazal Sunglasses

If you love the appeal of mismatched glasses, you will love how Cazal eyewear works. Cazal eyewear was launched in 1975 and founded by Cari Zalloni. Their popularity started when they were featured at Virgil Abloh’s Spring/Summer 2021 show for Louis Vuitton.  Cazal’s popularity grew even more when they were supported by Hussein bin Talal, the former King of Jordan, and Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt. The designs from the Cazal collection are truly fit for royalty. 


What makes Cazal sunglasses unique?


Cazal glasses are unique and modern. They are made with a touch of elegance and vintage style. If timeless and contemporary had a name, it would be Cazal. Their frames are bright style, trendy, and detailed finish, the kind that turns heads. The exclusive designs and graceful frames from Cazal make them stand out and unique from all other eyewear collections. 


How to choose the frame shape of Cazal sunglasses for my face?


The best way to choose Cazal sunglasses frames is to choose them according to your face shape. Cazal frames are made with different materials like gold, titanium, and plastic, and the detailing on them is also very detailed. However, the best way to choose your frame is to know your face shape. When you choose the eyewear according to your face shape, you will make the best choice. To buy frames online, it’s best to use a virtual try-on feature to make sure you are buying the best frame. 


Which color of sunglasses frame should you choose?


Whether you are buying prescription glasses or sunglasses, you should always buy the frame that suits your style and personality the best. The color of your frame should be the window to your personality. Apart from that, you should also buy frame colors according to the occasion. For formal occasions, nude and monochrome frames are the best.