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Spring Hinge

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Spring Hinge

This page is home to a wide variety of frames that feature a spring hinge. Browse on to discover what exactly spring hinge glasses are, and the points to consider in deciding for or against them. After all, each frame variety comes with its pluses and minuses, which differ from person to person. So let’s get into it!


Types of Hinges: What type of glasses are flexible?


Screw Hinge

The classic and most common style of frames features a screw hinge, also frequently known as the standard or barrel hinge. This style of frame is quite simple and is the most ubiquitous style of eyeglass hinges, seen on the majority of glasses available today. The arms innervate with the frame front with a few small, interlaced barrels. The best comparison is a door hinge. The structure is perfectly simple and allows the frame arms to fold in and out with little risk of breaking off. 


Stronger variations of this frame hinge include more barrels, increasing how secure the joint holds together, equating a longer lasting frame. Three barrels are the standard number of barrels on a pair of glasses frames, with many brands producing up to six. Due to the hinge’s easy repairability, it is considered to be the most durable style of hinge. Parts for this style are widely available for home repairs, you can find them at your local pharmacy or through your optician.


On the other hand, it can be said that spring hinges are more durable because they are less likely to snap, and require less adjustment. Wondering if or how to fix glasses arm hinges? Well, the screw hinge requires an exact fit from the outset, which involves adjustments from a professional. If the frame does not have the right fit, your frames could slide down your nose, especially during more physical activities. No matter the case, screw hinges offer great benefits.


Spring Hinge

What is a spring hinge? Spring hinge glasses heavily resemble a standard or screw hinge frame: the arms fold in and out in the same way. A screw hinge, however, is rigid and will stop at a ninety-degree angle, whereas a spring hinge will extend beyond ninety degrees. When you place a pair of spring hinge glasses they will wrap around your head and they will open slightly, but once they are in place, the arms will return. The result is a snug and comfortable fit. The hinge on our flexible eyeglasses is much appreciated by our customers, the light squeeze is a great confirmation that your glasses are sitting safely in place. This style of hinge is popular with more active glasses wearers who don’t want to risk their glasses sliding off. What is so fantastic about this style of hinge, is the few adjustments needed for the perfect fit, so you will never have your glasses too tight or too loose. In most cases, the frames arrive to our customers and they fit with no hinge adjustable requirements. This is thanks to the flexible hinge system which allows it to fit a wider range of face shapes and sizes. 


Now, how to adjust spring hinges on glasses? Well, the advantage of flexible hinge glasses is that they are harder to break. This is due to the frame’s ability to stretch, so if you remove them repeatedly with one hand or consistently at an awkward angle, where a screw hinge might loosen over time or warp the frames, a spring hinge will do no such thing. Such durability is equally reflected in a small spring hinge’s resistance to bending or impact. 


Keep in mind, there is a limit to how rough you can be on a pair of glasses with a spring hinge frame. Want to know how to fix glasses arm hinges? Well, unfortunately, once the frame breaks, it is significantly more difficult to repair compared to other hinge types. Making spring hinge glasses intrinsically less durable, because they cannot easily recover. To fix a spring hinge, an optician’s expertise is essential, and sometimes, it has to be returned to the manufacturer.


Who Are Spring Hinges Recommended For?



Flex hinge glasses frames with spring hinges are often recommended for kids. This is in part because children tend to be more careless with their eyewear, and are incredibly active. Kids' glasses are more susceptible to bending and impact, to which spring hinges are more resistant. The engineering in the small spring hinge helps to keep the specs more firmly on their little faces, therefore reducing the risk of damage or loss of the pair altogether. 


Wide Heads

Spring hinge glasses are highly recommended for anyone with a wider head than average. Wearers benefit from the hinge’s wider angle range when placing the glasses on their faces because the arms can stretch a little during the process. 


Active People

Joggers or anyone with a generally more active lifestyle will greatly benefit from a spring hinge glasses frame. The tight yet comfortable fit will keep the glasses securely in place no matter what you are up to. Opt for a pair of metal frames, these are made for durability, giving you long-lasting glasses no matter how much movement they endure.


Rough Handlers

As your optician will tell you, it is important to remove your glasses carefully from your face by pulling them straight forward and with both hands. It is not a good idea to pull them to one side as you do so as this stretches the hinge. With a spring hinge, this does not matter quite so much, the temple of the frame offers more flex than a standard hinge. Ultimately, your frames will live a longer life with a spring hinge frame, if you know you might want to remove your glasses quickly or less gently than you perhaps should, spring hinges are worth considering.


Shop Spring Hinges with SmartBuyGlasses

Don’t forget to take advantage of our best price guarantee, two-year warranty and 100-day return policy. This means that in the very unlikely event that your spring hinge glasses arrive too tight or too loose, you can easily send them back worry-free. For further advice on glasses frames, don’t hesitate to check out our optical center or ask one of our online opticians. They are fully qualified and on hand 24/7 to answer all your questions. And as if all this wasn’t easy enough, you can also try the glasses on before you commit to purchase with our Virtual Try-On tool. Welcome to eyewear made easy!