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    Ordinary glasses shine under a bright light source. If you hold them up to the light, and turn them to a certain angle, they give off a glint. It's a special thing to see, because not only does the light go through the lenses of the eyewear, it also bounces off other parts. It's part of the aesthetic of beautiful frames that they catch the light.

    Bluebay glasses always shine. They explode like a pyrotechnic display. Looking at Bluebay is like looking at fireworks. Bluebay doesn't need to wait for a light source – it is one! Figuratively, that is. So luminescent and lustrous a set of eyeglasses is rarely seen. But when a set like this is seen, it's always an exciting event.

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    The B&B 827 is an orange delight. A real attention grabber. You won't immediately know where it has come from, but it's orange, and it's here to do business. Then you see what it is. It's a pair of glasses. Whose face is it on? Murray's? Wow, Murray. Murray got a makeover. We'll just call him Bluebay Murray from now on. Murray wants a payrise? Well, I can't say no now, can I? You've done well, Murray.

    The B&B 806 in blue and orange is an aesthetic delicacy, with all the imagery of a sunny day and a playful turquoise t-shirt. In yellow and red, it's truly not for the faint of heart. As loud as a car alarm, this colour scheme will certainly give you a memorable look in a hurry!

    To see how different designers use colour, let's take a look at some Chopard prescription glasses. Both make good use of colour, but the difference is in the brightness. Chopard frames don't radiate the same way Bluebay glasses can. It's not any less cool to be muted, just a different kind of cool. Like a brooding cool, based on style and potential. Bluebay eyewear is cool because it pops and booms. Different strokes for different folks. That's all.