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Adjustable Nose Pads

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Adjustable Nose Pads

Adjustable nose pads for glasses  - let’s get into what exactly it means to own a pair of glasses with nose pads! In this article we will discuss adjustable nose pads and what this means for your comfort and wearability. We also discuss the pros and cons of nose pads on glasses, and why they may be a good option for you.


What are Adjustable Nose Pads?

To kick-off, the piece of plastic or metal that rests on your nose on a pair of frames is referred to as a frame bridge. Bridges come in a plethora of styles that range in functionality and aesthetics, but the most known and widely used is the adjustable nose pad bridge. Adjustable nose pads for glasses offer a great fit because the pads pivot slightly on the frames, translating to a very comfortable pair of eyeglasses. 


Why have Adjustable Nose Pads on your Glasses?

If you are someone who wears glasses for long stretches, or full-time, comfortable eyeglasses are a must. These frames fit most face shapes and can alleviate common pain points for the visually challenged. Since adjustable glasses are built into metal frames, they are often very light and do not place too much pressure on the nose bridge which after a few hours can lead to headaches and soreness. The pads innervate with the frames in a unique manner that lifts the frames off of the face, preventing the bottom of the frames from resting on the cheeks and leaving imprints, a common issue seen with plastic frames. Adjustable pads not only lift up, but out, keeping out of the way of long eyelashes - making for very comfortable glasses. Adjustable nose pads might have a more subtle look to them, but they are critical for keeping your frames in place. You will never have to worry about slippage, they are made of a plastic or rubber, which makes them fantastic at staying where you rest your frames on your nose. So we recommend you get nose pads to stop glasses slipping and to ensure comfortable wear. It is also key to note that you don’t have to keep the nose pads that come with your frames, you can always upgrade to a different material or shape that fits you better, the variety of comfortable nose bridge pads for glasses is extensive. It is key to note that most frames are ready out of the box and adjusting nose pads on glasses is rarely necessary, but if you do you can always visit your optician.


Premium and designer glasses with nose pads

• Collection Scout Asian Fit M5C: These are one of our most popular frames and most comfortable eyeglasses. If after looking at our face shape guide, you find that a round frame best suits you - look no further! These fashionable frames have a crisp silver finish and are perfect for any occasion. 

• SmartBuy Collection Watson Asian Fit 984D: These smart frames are perfect for business and pleasure, these rimless frames come in two colorways: grey, and light gunmetal. You have options when it comes to this simplistic, yet remarkably comfortable look.

• Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2000: These iconic frames are a smart look! Ray-Ban eyeglasses are available in 15+ colourways, offering a little something for everyone. These are inspired, and constructed of both plastic and metal, making them robust and built to last. They are wonderfully comfortable glasses largely due to their adjustable nose pads.

• Gucci GG0399O 002: These beauties from Gucci are available in a stunning gold colour. Their thin metal frames are elegant and will keep you looking stylish for all occasions. They do have a splash of color on their earpieces, they adorn the classic and now iconic three stripes in the Gucci green and red. This style is going to look incredible and still remain comfortable, largely in part to the adjustable pads on the nose bridge. 

• Tom Ford FT5507 071: These designer glasses with nose pads are available in Burgundy, and are definitely going to keep you looking stylish. These frames have the look of classic plastic frames, but have all of the comforts that metal glasses with adjustable nose pads can offer. These are an easy choice for comfort seekers. 

• SmartBuy Collection Adora Blue-Light Block Asian Fit 938: These frames are made of metal much like most other adjustable nose pads frames. They are designed with a minimalist style with a black tone, perfect for all occasions. With these you really cannot go wrong!


Looking for Complete Comfort?

If you are looking for complete comfort we recommend adding our zFORT® blue light blocking finish to any lenses with your new frames. Most adults spend over 12 hours a day in front of digital screens. Whether working on your computer or putting in time on your phone, you are exposed to blue light that can be causing discomfort that your glasses can help prevent. 


Negative effects commonly caused by blue light from digital devices include headaches, eye strain, and trouble sleeping.  As more facets of life transition online, and working from home became more prevalent due to the pandemic, it is important to ensure all around comfort for your face and eyes. Make sure you pair your smartly constructed adjustable nose pad frames with blight light blocking lenses to create the most comfortable pair of eyeglasses. 


How to Shop for Adjustable Nose Pad Glasses?

As far as shopping for frames goes, adjustable nose pad glasses are quite simple, they are designed to fit nearly all face types and shapes. The essentials for shopping for these is knowing your pupillary distance, which can be found using these instructions for shopping for eyeglasses online. We also suggest you shop using our Virtual Try-On tool, perfect for comparing frames on our site. You can record a video and get a 180 degree view of how your new frames will look, this is a fantastic feature if you do not want to wait to try them on at home! And if you have any other concerns or interests, check out our optical center! There we have a library of articles and insights into all things optical. 


Shop with peace of mind knowing that we offer free shipping on all orders, 100-day return policy with a 24-month warranty on all frames. We additionally offer a best price guarantee, if you find a pair of glasses elsewhere for a better price we promise to match that price.