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SmartBuy Kids Glasses

Are kids glasses just a trend or a necessity? Many parents are concerned about their kid's eye care. For instance, the amount of time spent by youth in front of laptops, tablets, and smartphones drove many parents to consider the idea of buying their kids blue light glasses to protect them from the negative side effects of blue lights. Discover now the SmartBuy Kids collection, our exclusive and affordable selection of kid’s glasses. At SmartBuyGlasses New Zealand you will find more than 400 kids glasses online for your child. The SmartBuy Kids exclusive collection focuses on kids' eyeglasses with flexible frames that are robust and come in a variety of fun colours that your kids will love.


Best Kid Glasses Online 

At SmartBuyGlasses.nz you can find a wide range of kid ‘glasses. You can shop for the best kids round glasses in many different colours as well as children's computer glasses and kids designer glasses. SmartBuyGlasses exclusive budget collection SmartBuy Kids is appropriate for kids aged 2 years old through to teens. All models are affordable yet very robust allowing all wearers to see clearly whilst having fun. You can choose to buy fashionable and candy-like colours or traditional styles including full rim, oval, and geometric frames. All the frames from this collection come with FREE lenses including anti-glare and anti-scratch making sure all children and teenagers can find practical long-lasting eyeglasses. Each kid glasses include a 2-year warranty with 100 day returns if not 100% satisfied.

Our Team Recommendation For The SmartBuy Kids Collection 


This pair of SmartBuy Kids Llevado MK3-44D comes with a durable metal frame in shiny gold colour. This model is loved by teenagers who are seeking an adult look. This frame is available on our website also in black, silver, blue and purple. Get your new pair of prescription kids glasses delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks. 


Looking for an affordable new pair of kid glasses? These SmartBuy Kids Dragon M378C 's from SmartBuyGlasses are the perfect pick. This pilot frame in metal is hypoallergenic, modern, and durable.  You can shop this model in six different colours on our website.  You can also choose to add zFORT® technology to this model to protect your kids against the negative side effects of blue lights. 


If your son or daughter has a fun and energetic personality these SmartBuy Kids Little Eleanor Blue-Light Block PK10I 's are made for him/ her. This full rim model is crafted from acetate is the best you can ask for. This model is perfect for any occasion. Lenses can also be included at a low price, so your eyeglasses are ready to wear when they arrive at your doorstep.

Kids Blue Light Glasses

Many mothers and fathers are worried about the time that their children spend looking at digital screens. During the pandemic, the time spent in front of digital screens increased for children as well. In the past years or so, many kids and teenagers had to deal with online teaching. 

Blue lights are emitted by digital devices screens as well as from the sun. These kinds of lights are not dangerous per se. However, artificial blue lights coming from digital screens can disrupt the natural circadian rhythm which is essential for your and your kid's good sleep cycles. Without appropriate nap cycles, kids wake up dizzy, are impatient throughout the daytime, and during their most important awake hours. Not having a good sleep can also affect the kid's learning ability. In fact, not sleeping well can lead to tiredness and difficulty in concentrating on studying. 

There is not a specific cost for blue-light-blocking glasses for kids. You can find designer blue light glasses that are quite expensive as well as more affordable yet durable solutions. At SmartBuyGlasses.nz you can find comfortable and durable eyeglasses for kids starting at only NZ$45. Plus, enjoy free shipping, free 1.5 lenses for SmartBuy Kids as well as a 2-year warranty.

Children Eye Care 

Regular eye checks are recommended to both children and adults once a year. However, you do not need to visit an expert before buying blue light glasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses for kids since these types of eyewear are considered non-prescription types of glasses. If you are buying kid glasses because your kid is experiencing eye strain, headache or she/he has trouble sleeping after watching tv or playing on the laptops you should consider booking an appointment with your local optician.


Optical Center

For the latest news about kid eye care, you can have a look at our Optical Center page. On this new and useful section of our website, you can find articles like “5 Tips for Buying The Right Eyeglasses For Your Child” or “Kids Eyeglasses- How To Choose For Your Child”.  On this part of the website, we also give you the incredible opportunity to chat with one of our expert opticians in just a few clicks. You just need to click on the “Ask The Optician” icon to start talking with one of our experts. You can ask questions like “Do kids have to wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day?” or “When teenagers can start wearing contact lenses” Do not be shy and ask our opticians all the questions that you have in mind.

However, if your question concerns your order, a payment, or something else we suggest you use our live chat to get in touch with our customer service. Our agents are here to support you before, during, and after the purchase. You can also have a look at the FAQ section where you can find the most popular inquiries from our customers.