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Safilo Glasses

Before Guglielmo Tabacchi took Safilo in his hands in 1934, it wasn’t a well-known brand. However, since its rebranding and change of image, the brand has been soaring high. If you see the list of Italian eyewear brands, you will see that Safilo is the top and oldest brand. They were even working during World War II; the operations were limited, but they were still pretty strong. 


Is it worth buying Safilo glasses?


Think about it this way: Safilo is the oldest player in the field; they have the experience and years on them that no one has. And this is the trait that makes Safilo the best brand in eyewear. Their glasses and frames are luxurious and reliable. If you are looking for classic frames and quality, Safilo is your brand. Their designer collection is one of the most famous in the American industry. You can order Safilo glasses online and get them delivered to your home. 


What shape of frames will be best for me?


Safilo has a huge collection, so finding the perfect frame for you will not be a problem. However, if you want the best frame to suit your face shape and structure, all you need to do is find the frame that suits your face shape. For example, a square-shaped face that is well-defined needs a frame with soft edges to smooth out the sharp features. 


Which glasses lenses should I choose when shopping?


The glasses lenses you want to choose should not only look good on you but should also offer optimum protection. While choosing the glasses lenses, you need to think about Vision, Comfort, Appearance, and Safety. Lenses are made from different materials, and all of them have their pros and cons. For example, plastic lenses are not only affordable but also lightweight and a better alternative to glass lenses.