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Gianfranco Ferre Glasses

Gianfranco Ferre frames

Gianfranco Ferre frames are the kind of frames you want to buy two of. So you can look at Gianfranco Ferre glasses while you wear them. To be honest, you're likely to end up framing these and putting them on your wall – or maybe just spend a bit more time looking in the mirror.

Regard the FF222 frames. In delicious striped brown amber, this is truly a piece that looks cool wherever it is. Studying art in Japan, learning to ski, or making three hundred coffees a day, this Gianfranco Ferre eyewear is as cool, calm, collected and focused as anything the world has ever seen.

The FF211 frame is a strawberry burst of epic proportions, looking as much like a chewy piece of candy as a pair of glasses. Such striking use of colour is what ultimately makes an emotional connection with the viewing and adoring public, and in this way the FF211 is a great success.

In crystal yellow it's very exciting indeed. With just a streak of colour, it's grabby as well as subtle – not an often accomplished feat. In white pink, it's just as exciting. Gents, don't let the word pink throw you off. Properly worn, this could be a very powerful statement piece – useful for putting clients at ease, or letting the world know you don't discriminate.

The red beige FF203 is a candycoated meditation on extravagance (and why that is a good thing). Italian by nature, this masterpiece is ready to ship to your door at an incredible price.

For more eyewear that really plays with colour to achieve design mastery, zero in on some Bikkembergs eyewear at an equally incredible price. If Gianfranco Ferre is candycoated, then Bikkembergs is hardboiled and dyed.