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Chopard Glasses

Chopard frames online

Chopard glasses are like a piano. There are gracious notes, there are grunty notes, and there are sharp notes. No matter how different the range might be, every different one has an attitude, and everything is at home next to everything else. That's what we call a cohesive collection of glasses.

We're pleased to tell you that the Chopard 732 has a couple of great big love hearts on each side, and communicates that you're emotionally aware. Not just of your own feelings, but the feelings of those around you. Empathy is a powerful thing, but sympathy is much more-so. With Chopard 732 you don't just wear your heart on your sleeve, you wear it all over.

The Chopard 071 is like a vegan vision for eyewear. It's earthy and true, without being zealous or ham-fisted. It's energetic and deeply touching, without being condescending or broody. It's like eggplant meets avocado, it's like an old man's study, it's like a facial art museum. With a plaque on the side, it may as well be. Welcome to our new collection – our new collection is you.

The Chopard 773 is like simplicity distilled. Like beautiful rainwater dripping from a cloud. Semi-rimless gunmetal is always a bold choice, but it's one that Chopard carries off with balance and grace.

Look at the hinge on the side of the rim. With dimensions big enough to space out the black design, this feature saves the aesthetic from coming off as congested or bloated. White space abounds with this bold Chopard choice. It's not very often that nosepads look like the bottom of the glasses, but it's a look that works for Chopard and works for you.

For the person who feels, but needs to feel in more colour, have a browse and see if you'd like to buy Ed Hardy frames. Ed Hardy frames offer a colourful range of emotionally expressive art. Of course Chopard does also, but it takes a more subtle route. It presents beauty first, and trusts this will suffice for the refined consumer.