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Multiple “Council of Fashion Designers of America" award winner Calvin Klein brings you some superb eyewear in these impressive, even dazzling, luxury eyeglasses. Not every designer is wildly different. Not everybody can be Ed Hardy, or Silhouette. Some designers explode with colour, some explode with ideas. Calvin Klein glasses explode with refinement and the result is a laid back and confident showcase of Calvin Klein frames. Just look at the beautiful Calvin Klein 533 in gold. The lenses could be cut from diamond. The gold in the frames could be freshly extracted from the side of a snowy mountain, and crafted by an artisan into the vision you see before you. Of course, the lenses aren't made of diamond. The gold is really gunmetal. But first impressions last, and that's something Calvin Klein thought about when putting this gem together. The Calvin Klein 7807 is a new take on a universal frame. We've all seen bold and black. It's tried and true. But rarely do we see it with such fine attention to detail. The soft edges look almost bevelled to perfection. These frames are so slick you could get lost just looking at them. In antique tortoise colour, the look is disarmingly cloudy. Not in the boring sense, but in the sense that there are no sharp points that immediately pull focus. This look is an understated commentary on blending in and those who choose not to do it. The world runs on a pack mentality, even at the best of times. Your mission is to stand apart from that pack. Your mission is to be so different, that you're recognised for not being the same. Sounds like the same thing? It's not. Some people spend their lives looking for dissent, and only ever find conformity. Some people never find Calvin Klein eyewear. Not only does Calvin Klein offer an array of frames, but also Calvin Klein sunglasses which we offer at great prices. Don't be afraid to take home a pair of each – there's no need to compromise on quality.


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  1. Calvin Klein CK19117  These CK glasses are metal and come in a stylish dark grey colour, perfect for any occasion. These glasses are also available inlight gold and light grey. They are a perfect mix of prescription craftsmanship and delicate attention to detail. 
  2. Calvin Klein CK5460  If you have a calvin klein obsession you will love these gold round eyeglasses. They would be ideal for those with a rectangular face shape. Find this style too experimental? No worries, Just use our easy Virtual Try On to see how they would look on you.
  3. Calvin Klein CK20305 Looking for cat eye calvin klein glasses frames? These metal frames are perfect for getting that effortlessly stylish youthful look.
  4. Calvin Klein CKNYC1884 If you want to seriously make a statement with a durable pair of glasses, you can’t miss these oval lens glasses made of acetate. They’re available in 3 shades to choose from.