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Bottega Veneta Glasses

Bottega Veneta is the restless type. Not in a bad way. In a very good way. Unhappy to let design trends lie Bottega Veneta needs to push, push, push, and lead the way in new designs.

Bottega Veneta and Ermenegildo Zegna share a thing or two in this regard. So if you want to check out some design heavy eyewear, check out our Ermenegildo Zegna glasses for sale.

Having started as a fine leather company, Bottega Veneta knows the importance of quality craftsmanship and a quality design operation from start to finish. Bottega Veneta was a hit shortly after it opened in 1966. Its reputation snowballed, and the famous people started getting in on the act. The artists loved it. Andy Warhol did his Christmas shopping in their boutiques. Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson and Sarah Jessica Parker are all known to wear the brand.

Bottega Veneta has boutiques all over the world. From China and Japan to New York, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. From Indonesia to Lithuania. Good design is truly universal.

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Check out the awesome Bottega Veneta 153. Made in Italy, these stunning ovals have that instant appeal and saucy European look that normally comes from the cat eye design. But they're not cat eyes – they are carefully toyed with ovals, to make you think twice. And three times. With Bottega Veneta, you never stop thinking.

In blue silver, it's quizzical but not questionable, quirky but not quiet. The blue and silver contrast really serves to give a cool image, but not so cold as to scream ice queen. Perfect for a neutral or cool skin tone, these Bottega Veneta glasses say you're ready to get things done.