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Balenciaga Glasses

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Balenciaga Glasses

Balenciaga frames meet somewhere in between cat burglar, French museum curator, and sub-editor at Vogue Eyewear magazine. With flicks and twists, bends and twirls, Balenciaga glasses go to the ends of the earth to bring you the best black and multicolour eyewear the market has to offer.

Balenciaga frames

The Balenciaga 0093 was surely some designer's eureka moment, and it might soon be yours, too. This archetypal genius frame carries in it all the hopes and dreams and wishes of the millennium to come, while reflecting on the wisdom of the ancients. This frame is a throwback to the age where knowledge was more valuable than anything, and a statement about the future to come.

These unisex Italian gunmetal frames, in either semi-shiny gold or semi-shiny black, walk the line between old and new. Balenciaga frames could be worn by a 90 year old artisan sculptor, or a seven year old chess prodigy. A 45 year old architect, or a 30 year old classical musician who just mortgaged his or her house to buy a studio.

In order to be as universal as these Balenciaga eyeglasses are, an object must be more than just an object. It must be imbued with something – to make us feel. It must grab at us in a way we find peculiar but alluring, complicated by simple – as with Diesel eyeglasses.

Balenciaga eyewear doesn't deal in form and function, it deals in clarity and purpose. It goes beyond standard design, and connects us with who we really are inside. If you don't like the look of these, chances are they're not for you. If you do like the look of them, chances are you won't stop thinking about them until you try them on.