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Alexander McQueen Glasses

Alexander McQueen makes pretty glasses. Very pretty glasses indeed. Not only the obligatory full rim kind with block colours and simple shapes, but the experimental semi-rimless kind with a top and bottom but no sides. It is often said that before McQueen sadly passed, he was unhappy with the direction fashion was traveling in. If he could have just stuck around, just kept on keeping on, we like to think he could have been the influence the world needed.

But things are what they are, and McQueen's desire for change and better design will have to live on through his legacy. A legacy filled with a positive desire for more experimentation, more aesthetic variation. More blue, more black, more red, more gold, more greatness.

Alexander McQueen Frames

The Alexander McQueen 4058 horn olive green semi-rimless rectangles are a unique treasure in their design. A top seller for obvious reasons, the blade of grass type design is zen and focused while not being off-putting. A narrow design in terms of the lenses not having side containers, the arms have been given a little extra width to compensate and restore proportion to these lovely Alexander McQueen eyeglasses.

The Alexander McQueen 4143 takes a square frame and blows it up to the moon. Worn either by somebody with a bigger face, or somebody looking to play with proportions and craft a unique image, this pair of luxury Alexander McQueen frames is as much a fashion tool as a visual aid. In light horn colour, it literally does resemble the moon. With a cosmic feel for your look, you really will have the stars in your eyes.

Alexander McQueen is more experimental than most ranges. If you're in the market for something tried and true, but still polished and loved by many, take a look at our Calvin Klein glasses.