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Tinted Lenses For Your Glasses - What Are Their Advantages?

What are tinted lenses?

When you buy eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can choose to enhance your vision with color tinted lenses.

Tinted lenses are ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who leads an active lifestyle - but did you know different tints are suited for specific uses?

From red lenses to grey lenses find the best one according to your lifestyle.

See our guide on how to select the perfect tinted sunglasses lenses for your needs.




Yellow/Amber lens

  • Provides excellent depth perception 
  • Perfect for moderate-to-low level light conditions 
  • Best activities suited: tennis and cycling 


Green lens 

  • Transmits all colours evenly 
  • Good for everyday use 
  • Reduces sun glare and brightens shadows 
  • Useful on rainy or sunny weather conditions 
  • Best activities suited: outdoors activities 


 Blue/Purple lens 

  • Eliminates sun glare and improves colour perceprion 
  • Enhances contours 
  • Good for misly, foggy and snowy weather conditions
  • Best activities suited: hockey and cricket 


Red/Pink lens 

  • Enhances depth perception 
  • Reduces eye strain 
  • Provide good visibility on the road
  • Particulaty useful in snow 
  • Best activities suited: ski/snowboard and racing 


Dark Amber, copper or brown lens

  • Useful for judging distance 
  • Red element enhances depth perception 
  • Improves colour contrast 
  • Good for cloudy and sunny weather conditions
  • Best activities suited: High altitude sports and golf 


Grey/Black lens 

  • Good for everyday use 
  • Provides true colour perception 
  • Reduces sun glare and eye strain 
  • Suitable for sunny or overcast weather 
  • Best activities suited: driving and baseball


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