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Contact Lenses - Should You Sleep With Them On?

With the introduction of silicone hydrogel contact lens technology, sleeping with your contacts in is now a totally doable activity that can be done safely and hygienically. 

With traditional lenses, severe health consequences often followed the decision to sleep in contact lenses. However, now it's possible to get lenses that are safe to wear to bed, and you'll still wake up with fresh, hydrated eyes.

Silicone Hydrogel Technology

Ciba Vision developed the first silicone hydrogel lenses that could be worn overnight in 1998. Since then, the popularity has lead to much development and growth in the sector. 

Because of the amazing breathability and comfort it offers, most contact lenses today are made from silicone hydrogel. On top of these regular benefits, silicone hydrogel extended wear contact lenses are the best fit for overnight wear. 

Extended Wear Contacts


For those that are inconvenienced by having to remove their contacts every time they sleep, extended wear contact lenses are a great choice. Every contact is made with advanced silicone hydrogel technology, letting them breathe and be healthy and hydrated all night. 

Extended wear contacts are an ideal choice because they are practical, easy to maintain, and offer great optics. It is recommended to take them out at least once a week for cleaning and disinfecting, despite the fact that they can technically be used for days on end. It is also important to note that overnight contacts are not suitable for everyone, so before making the switch to them you should consult a specialist. 

Acuvue OasysAir OptixPureVision and Biofinity are popular choices for those who want to be able to sleep in contact lenses.