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Tag Heuer Sunglasses

Tag Heuer sunglasses NZ

Tracing its roots back to the 1860s, Tag Heuer has always been proud to produce avant-garde designs which challenge the status quo and push the envelope. Tag Heuer eyeglasses are also testament to the blend of form and function – style and purpose – which creates a unique sunglass look, guaranteed to capture attention and maybe even hearts and minds.

Boasting advanced engineering know-how and a flair for innovation, Tag Heuer sunglasses are to visionaries and thrill-seekers what Nike sunglasses are to athletes. These designs are made for here and now, for people who aren't afraid to look like they belong in the future.

Designers, engineers, racers, adrenaline junkies and daredevils. Come one, come all and claim your place in the Tag Heuer universe.

When you wear Tag Heuer sunglasses, you send all the right messages. Not only are you concerned about safety and style, you have vision, class, and an eye for detail. You're a forward thinking and forward looking person, set to tackle the problems of right now and take the human race into the future.

A brand with worldwide reach, Tag Heuer has contracted multiple celebrities over the years. From Tiger Woods to Brad Pitt – Uma Thurman to Cameron Diaz, some real titans have been impressed enough by the quality craftsmanship evident in the company's design philosophy to throw their weight behind Tag Heuer designs.

But it's not just actors and golf players. Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso, have all been officially associated with the Tag Heuer brand over the years. Oh, and did we mention Barack Obama wears Tag Heuer?

The Tag Heuer Reflex range ensures your comfort. With a perfect hold and lightweight construction, Reflex is wear and tear resistant, not to mention it does what all great luxury sunglasses do – blocks out damaging ultraviolet rays.

Tag Heuer Automatic sunglasses open with one movement – one flick of the wrist. A magnetic innovation from the people who brought you the first automatic wristwatches. Ahead of the curve, ahead of the game, and ahead of the competition – Tag Heuer will leave you breathless and gasping for more.