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Yellow lens color Smith Sunglasses



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Yellow lens color Smith Sunglasses

Established in 1965 by Dr Bob Smith, Smith sunglasses have set the standard for high-performance eyewear. Made by thrill seekers, for thrill seekers, Smith has been taking over the global eyewear industry ever since it was created. Performance and innovation set this brand apart. It is known for inventing the first pair of snow goggles with breathable foam and a sealed thermal lens. For the last 50 years, Smith sunglasses have had revolutionary designs that have captured the imaginations of those with an active lifestyle.

Smith Sunglasses: Men’s & Women’s Collection

Smith sunglasses are exciting, edgy and eye-catching to match the thrilling lives of those who choose to wear them! Advanced lens technology is used to provide a superior experience, making them a perfect choice for surfers, skiers, motor bikers and snowboarders. Smith sunglasses interchangeable lenses provide you with maximum comfort so you can select suitable lenses for every situation. The aerodynamic shape of Smith Optics sunglasses ensures that you remain on top form!

Smith Sunglasses for Men

Men’s Smith sunglasses are high-performance glasses that come in many awesome designs. Their innovative Smith LowDown sunglasses and Smith ATTACK MAX sunglasses are just some of the top sellers.

Smith Sunglasses for Women

Women’s Smith Optics sunglasses won’t disappoint those who have an active lifestyle. Whether it’s the Smith FOUNDER sunglasses or the Smith FEATURE sunglasses, you’ll be equipped with the best performance eyewear on the market.

Smith Sunglasses NZ

Shop today at SmartBuyGlasses NZ. There are several options to choose from in our Smith sunglasses NZ collection. While you have the option to shop the newest collections, you can also shop the end of season styles for less in our Smith sunglasses clearance section. Plus, you can buy your Smith sunglasses with total peace of mind knowing that we provide a 24-month warranty on every pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses that you buy, covering both the frames and lenses. If you want to change your mind about your new purchase, you can easily do so with our 100-day return policy.