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Yellow lens color Balenciaga Sunglasses



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Yellow lens color Balenciaga Sunglasses

Quirky like a fox, these Balenciaga sunglasses are the perfect avenue to explore whatever you're feeling. Optimistic? Forward thinking? Decisive? All three? There's Balenciaga eyewear for you.

It doesn't matter which model you look at, each Balenciaga design has a glint of naked talent. Each design has a raw spark to it that shines without even trying. It was made in inspired hands, from an inspired design, by an inspired company. That's called effortless style. The design has so much life and colour and contrast and effervescence, if just glows as if lit by some higher power.

Balenciaga sunglasses NZ

The Balenciaga 0131 is really quite marvelous. It's a gold and burgundy pilot-style gunmetal frame with a grey shaded polycarbonate lens and a look that says “I'm on my way to the future". The gold and burgundy are quite majestic, and it's a contrast that suggests power, heat, and potential.

In gold and ivory it's a lot softer, like a nice gown instead of a jacket. Everything about the way it looks suggests it's for a person who values working hard to have good things. What people don't understand is that it's in the chase. This Balenciaga eyewear isn't the end goal, it's part of the process.

The 0094 is as enigmatic as it is powerful. With a design that can either be full of life or brooding, can protect or project, this pair of sunglasses shows off exactly who you are – not the other way around. A top seller for their quirky but funky proportions, Balenciaga 0094 sunglasses are truly multipurpose and fun – without losing points for design discipline.

Silhouette sunglasses have roughly the same measure of forward thinking nature, but Balenciaga sunglasses speak more to fashion, and Silhouette sunglasses speak more to graphical design, and positively unorthodox construction.