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Roberto Cavalli Glasses

Wow! Artsy glasses. So many colours! So many textures! Just lovely.

Some brands are just boring – and that works for some people. Some brands aren't – and that works for the rest of us. Roberto Cavalli is certainly not a brand on the boring list. These designs use not only colours, but also patterns and textures to play with our perceptions and grab us.

The red and gold Roberto Cavalli RC 351s sunglasses have an amazing spiral pattern running down the length of the arm, against the exhilarating red backdrop that is the frame. Coming in a 53 and a 55, with your choice of prescription, this is a seriously funky model for a seriously funky lady.

The Roberto Cavalli RC 695 is a winding and twirling feast of visual design. What a treat for the eyes. The full-rim gunmetal 695 is a new release in 2013, but it won't be long until it becomes a top seller. This magnum opus really stretches the line between visual aid and jeweled accessory.

Lacoste glasses are a useful benchmark to describe Roberto Cavalli glasses. Lacoste is happy to innovate and make glasses that exceed the norm by 105%. That's great, and it's all some people ever want.

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Roberto Cavalli seems to take that sentiment and stretch it into the atmosphere. With designs that push the boundaries of what we know about frames to date, Roberto Cavalli is a name synonymouse with giving wearers the ability to shine.

Roberto Cavalli 702 glasses are gorgeous unisex model hailing, like all Roberto Cavalli frames, from Italy – the nerve center of fashion and good taste.

These glasses could hold the wisdom of the ages. If you were to meet the world's first certified wizard tomorrow, he would probably be wearing something exactly like this. The 702 mixes smooth rims with a rough textured frame, to create a look that contrasts pleasantly, causing us to look beneath the surface. Contained within this depth is the genius of Roberto Cavalli – you look twice both because you want to, and you can't help it.

Officially called the cat eye style of lens, it's a lot more fun to think of these as three-quarter moon spectacles. They really do look quite celestial, and they're the type of frames you could really fall in love with. Far from full moon glasses, these are the motivational type, which remind you there's always just a little bit further to go.