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LA Eyeworks Glasses


Casual and daily eyewear would have been boring hadn’t it been for two best friends starting the eyewear brand, LA Eyeworks. Their vision was to create eyewear that would appeal to everyone and create hues that defy the norms and shapes that are out of the world. It's been 40 years, and their work is still going strong. Little did Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi know their work and vision would be seen and loved around the world. 


What are the characteristics of LA Eyeworks glasses?


One of the main characteristics of LA Eyeworks glasses are their unique and easily distinguishable designs. The materials they use, the designs they create, and the flamboyant color palette they use are astounding. Each frame, whether it’s casual sunglasses or professional prescription glasses, is made to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of every face. Their eyewear turns heads, and this is an understatement. 


Will LA Eyeworks glasses fit me stylistically?


Yes, all LA Eyeworks glasses are meant to fit the consumer stylistically. Their designs and creations are always on point, and more than that, they always design their frames keeping in mind their target audience as well as the ongoing trends. If you are hesitant about their eyeglasses, you can check their collection online, read what their consumers have to say about them and decide for yourself. 


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