Choose the lens you want from our wide selection, including; progressive, transition, polarization, tinted or distance lenses. We provide them all at a lower price than anywhere on the high-street, and in a wider range of styles!

On top of that, we deliver your new lenses with free UV Protection, anti-scratch and anti-glare coating! This makes them safer, more durable, and gives you the protection you need.

Once you’ve chosen your lenses, you’ll receive an email. Print the attached PDF-form and complete it with all the information required. For our progressive lenses (also known as multifocals or varifocals), we use the latest generation of computer-aided manufacturing to reduce aberrations.

Each lens is customized exactly to the position of the wearer’s eye, taking into account the angles between each eye and the surface of the lens when looking in different directions. It provides the sharpest, crispest image possible, as well as enhanced peripheral vision. For more information click here.

Box your frames and glasses together with the completed form in secure packaging, and ship them to us. Please send them to:
Vision Direct Australia - PO Box 151 Balmain 2041 NSW, Australia 

As soon as we receive your frame, our expert opticians will begin the process of fitting your new lenses, using advanced glazing machinery to cut the lenses down to the precise shape and size of your frame.

Within 11 to 20 days your beautifully re-glazed specs will be safely back with you, and ready to be worn again. We even ship them straight to you free of charge!

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