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    Silhouette ADVENTURER 8142

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    Silhouette ADVENTURER 8657

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    Silhouette ADVENTURER 8663

    Silhouette ADVENTURER 8663 Polarized

    Silhouette ADVENTURER 8667

    Silhouette ALLURE 8140

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    Silhouette EXPLORER 8665

    Silhouette EXPLORER 8665 Polarized

    Silhouette EXPLORER 8666

    Silhouette EXPLORER 8666 Polarized

    Silhouette MUST-COLLECTION 8143

    Silhouette MUST-COLLECTION 8670

    Silhouette MUST-COLLECTION 8670 Polarized

    Silhouette MUST-COLLECTION 8671

    Silhouette MUST-COLLECTION 8671 Polarized

    Silhouette TMA Icon 8130

    Silhouette TMA Icon 8130 Polarized

    Silhouette TMA Icon 8144

    Silhouette TMA Icon 8661

    Silhouette TMA Icon 8661 Polarized

    Silhouette TMA ULTRA THIN 8147

    Silhouette TMA ULTRA THIN 8676

    Silhouette TMA ULTRA THIN 8677

    Silhouette TROPHY 8653

    Silhouette TROPHY 8664

    Silhouette TROPHY 8664 Polarized

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    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Silhouette Sunglasses


    Silhouette Sunglasses

    Silhouette sunglasses can see into the future. The designers know exactly what's going to be popular in 2099, and they've made it their mission to get it to us now. For that, a million thanks.

    Silhouette means something dark against something light, or basically to adjust and play with light levels. So when we tell you some of these great sunglasses come polarized, you won't be surprised. It'll just make sense. Polarization is a way to cut down glare, from things that really amplify the sun's rays like sand, surf and asphalt.

    With ingenuity just not seen across other brands, Silhouette sunglasses really are cut in some unique and pleasant shapes. It takes genuine courage to stake a whole design reputation on avant-garde designs like these, but that's Silhouette for you.

    Buy Silhouette sunglasses

    Take the beautiful Silhouette 8127S. In brown powder shaded, it's a doorway to the future. In smoke violet shaded, it's a beautiful meditation on the role of beauty itself. Do sunglasses need to be so pretty? Of course – sunglasses need to be as beautiful as they can, or the world would be boring. Does this single purple lens model give anything up? Of course not. It's the best of both worlds. It's Silhouette.

    Half Matrix half workroom, the 8651 displays clear forethought and vision, while retaining the simplicity that makes Silhouette just what it is. A jewel, a golden penny, a pristine snowflake and a bubbly fountain. Silhouette is a bender of light and a protector of sight, and its products go into the market with your best interests at heart. Walk towards Silhouette. Walk towards the light.

    If you want to live in the here and now, and not the future, we have just the thing! Bottega Veneta eyewear" is made to confront life head on. As is, where is.

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