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    Jimmy Choo Alex/N/S

    Jimmy Choo Alex/S

    Jimmy Choo Allium/S

    Jimmy Choo Ally/N/S

    Jimmy Choo Ally/S

    Jimmy Choo Ally/S Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Angy/S

    Jimmy Choo Anouk/S

    Jimmy Choo Beatrix/S

    Jimmy Choo Bella/S

    Jimmy Choo Belle/S

    Jimmy Choo Benny/S

    Jimmy Choo Benny/S Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Bex/S

    Jimmy Choo Biker/S

    Jimmy Choo Carry/S

    Jimmy Choo Cecy/S

    Jimmy Choo Chanty/S

    Jimmy Choo Cora/S

    Jimmy Choo Cris/S

    Jimmy Choo Crocus/S

    Jimmy Choo Dahlia/S

    Jimmy Choo Dominique/S

    Jimmy Choo Elisabetta/S

    Jimmy Choo Ely/s

    Jimmy Choo Erin/S

    Jimmy Choo Essie/S

    Jimmy Choo Estelle/S

    Jimmy Choo Flash/S

    Jimmy Choo Gaby/S

    Jimmy Choo Galen/S

    Jimmy Choo Hero/S

    Jimmy Choo Hero/S Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Ines/S

    Jimmy Choo Ive/S

    Jimmy Choo Jess/S

    Jimmy Choo Juliet/S

    Jimmy Choo Juliet/S Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Kalia/S

    Jimmy Choo Keira/S

    Jimmy Choo Kizzi/S

    Jimmy Choo Lally/S

    Jimmy Choo Lana/S Folding

    Jimmy Choo Lana/S Folding Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Laura/S

    Jimmy Choo Lela/S

    Jimmy Choo Lela/S Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Lia/S

    Jimmy Choo LOH/S Strass

    Jimmy Choo Lola/S

    Jimmy Choo Loop/S

    Jimmy Choo Lori/S

    Jimmy Choo Lu/S

    Jimmy Choo Lucia/S

    Jimmy Choo Luisa

    Jimmy Choo Malaya/S

    Jimmy Choo Mali/S

    Jimmy Choo Malinda/S

    Jimmy Choo Margy/S

    Jimmy Choo Marine/S

    Jimmy Choo Marisia/S

    Jimmy Choo Marty/S

    Jimmy Choo Mila/S

    Jimmy Choo Millie/S

    Jimmy Choo Mimi/S

    Jimmy Choo Mindy/S

    Jimmy Choo Monique/S

    Jimmy Choo Odette/S

    Jimmy Choo Posie/S

    Jimmy Choo Rea/S

    Jimmy Choo Sally/S

    Jimmy Choo Sasha/S

    Jimmy Choo Sophia/S

    Jimmy Choo Stephanie/S

    Jimmy Choo Sybil/S

    Jimmy Choo Tanis/S

    Jimmy Choo Tina/S

    Jimmy Choo Tita/S

    Jimmy Choo Tita/S Polarized

    Jimmy Choo Valentina/S

    Jimmy Choo Wigmore/S

    Jimmy Choo Wiley/S

    Jimmy Choo Zeta/S

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Driving
    • Fishing
    • Golf
    • Running
    • Ski Goggles
    • Tennis
    • Water Sports

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

    Lens Material

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    Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

    Jimmy ChooSunglasses

    Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

    Jimmy Choo is for denizens of the stratosphere. There's no harm in saying this: If you want to go un-noticed, don't pick up these sunglasses. They weren't made for you – and there's nothing wrong with that. Back away slowly, and take a look at some of our Revo sunglasses. The Grand Classic or the Windspeed might just suit you perfectly.

    Abandon shyness, all ye who enter here. These Jimmy Choo sunglasses will get you noticed, and get you noticed a lot. Whether you're the eternal optimist, who just has to look at life through the rose tinted Jimmy Choo Sky S sunglasses, or the extroverted Anglophile who never goes without the Union Jack styled Alex/S, we've got your style.

    Whether you're a mechanical robot warrior from the future who never goes without the mercenary Spark/S, or so in love with a good green and gold contrast that you fell in love with Marlon/S, rest assured Jimmy Choo has something for the go-getter in you.

    Jimmy Choo sunglasses NZ

    Are you sensing a theme? You should be. For every personality type who can't help but have a blast doing what they love, Jimmy Choo has the perfect option to let you fly your own flag, with an assurance of total quality.

    For a gunmetal and polycarbonate combo sure to satisfy, take a close look at the Jimmy Choo Juliet model. Available with your prescription, this wine coloured eyewear gives you the confidence to breeze past the stragglers – and it's their fault if you knock them with your handbag. Honestly, they should have just gotten out of your way.

    Made in Italy, these full-rim glitter brown frames with violet lenses are daring and bold, which is hard to achieve for a design so muted. It doesn't pop, it doesn't sizzle – it's incisive and potent. Two good qualities for any leader. These Jimmy Choo sunglasses don't take over your look and carry you forward, but they do become an indispensable part of your power look. They don't carry you, because they trust you to carry yourself. What they do is put a little wind in your sails.

    The Catherine also comes in a leopard silver model with grey lenses. Perfect for rocking up in style to that board meeting, or going out on the town with your girlfriends, these Jimmy Choo sunglasses don't play around. Why would they, when they know your whole philosophy puts hard work before funny business?

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