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    Ed Hardy EHG 880

    Ed Hardy EHG 881

    Ed Hardy EHS 001 Skull & Roses

    Ed Hardy EHS 002 Koi Fish

    Ed Hardy EHS 003 Japan

    Ed Hardy EHS 004 Beautiful Ghost

    Ed Hardy EHS 005 Snake 2

    Ed Hardy EHS 006 Love Dog

    Ed Hardy EHS 007 Alive Aware

    Ed Hardy EHS 008 Brad

    Ed Hardy EHS 009 Tiger Running

    Ed Hardy EHS 010 Wolf

    Ed Hardy EHS 011 Battle

    Ed Hardy EHS 012 Love Kills Slowly

    Ed Hardy EHS 014 Three Old School Roses

    Ed Hardy EHS 015 Death Is Certain

    Ed Hardy EHS 016 Lover Boy

    Ed Hardy EHS 017 King Of Beasts Dog

    Ed Hardy EHS 018 La Dog

    Ed Hardy EHS 019

    Ed Hardy EHS 020 Skull Butterflies

    Ed Hardy EHS 021

    Ed Hardy EHS 021 Sheriff Dragon

    Ed Hardy EHS 022

    Ed Hardy EHS 023 Zeke

    Ed Hardy EHS 024 Beyonce 2

    Ed Hardy EHS 025

    Ed Hardy EHS 026 Rabbit

    Ed Hardy EHS 027 Pin Up 2

    Ed Hardy EHS 028 Medusa

    Ed Hardy EHS 029 Mermaid

    Ed Hardy EHS 030 White Tiger

    Ed Hardy EHS 031 Skunk

    Ed Hardy EHS 032 King

    Ed Hardy EHS 034 Crunk Rock

    Ed Hardy EHS 035

    Ed Hardy EHS 035 Death & Glory 2

    Ed Hardy EHS 036 Devil On Panther Flat

    Ed Hardy EHS 037 Winner Take All

    Ed Hardy EHS 038 New York City

    Ed Hardy EHS 039 Love Kills Slowly 3

    Ed Hardy EHS 040 Surf Or Die

    Ed Hardy EHS 041 Catcher

    Ed Hardy EHS 041 Love Kills Slowly Clock

    Ed Hardy EHS 042 Catcher

    Ed Hardy EHS 043 Winner Take All

    Ed Hardy EHS 044 Live To Ride

    Ed Hardy EHS 045 Death Or Glory Los Angeles

    Ed Hardy EHS 046 Snake & Roses

    Ed Hardy EHS 048 Pinup Devil

    Ed Hardy EHS 049 Butterflies

    Ed Hardy EHS 050 Spider Girl

    Ed Hardy EHS 052

    Ed Hardy EHS 053

    Ed Hardy EHS Bird

    Ed Hardy EHS Bradii

    Ed Hardy EHS Brie

    Ed Hardy EHS Diving

    Ed Hardy EHS Lola

    Ed Hardy EHS Rock

    Ed Hardy EHS Roxy

    Ed Hardy EHS Zeke

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Driving
    • Fishing
    • Golf
    • Running
    • Ski Goggles
    • Tennis
    • Water Sports

    Frame Material

    Ed Hardy Sunglasses

    Ed HardySunglasses

    Ed Hardy Sunglasses

    Ed Hardy eyewear

    Ed Hardy sunglasses don't disappoint. Not only do they equal the intensity of Ed Hardy prescription glasses, they surpass it in certain ways. But then the sunglasses would be more colourful – it's just simple design logic. Because the lenses are tinted, certain shades can be put to work in the tints. A colourful tint adds a whole new range of possibilities. Talk about smart.

    Ed Hardy is largely tattoo based art, and so it's at its best when it can be fluid and colourful. Well, what a treat – the whole range is completely saturated with colour from top to bottom. Ed Hardy sunglasses are what the world would look like if everybody had tattoos. Some would say much better, some would be put off, but nobody could say it would be less interesting. And therein lies Ed Hardy in a word. Interesting.

    Take a closer look at the Ed Hardy 021 Sheriff Dragon. What a splendid application of design. Imagine the conversation. Hi, how's it going? Yes, my dragon has a badge. It's a zany humour that can't possibly appeal to everybody, but nonetheless those who appreciate it will really appreciate it.

    The Ed Hardy 028 Medusa is a miniature gem mosaic based around Medusa's folktale. There's gold and purple and yellow and green and pink and orange and... no, it's not Joseph's amazing technicolour dreamcoat. It's Ed Hardy's amazing Medusa, designed not just to make you stand out, but to make you think.

    For a different kind of beautiful design see Bikkembergs designer eyewear. Bikkembergs use colour in a much more sparse way. It's still utilised well, but the balance is entirely different. If Ed Hardy dazzles, Bikkembergs stuns.

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