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    Bolle 527

    Bolle 527 Polarized

    Bolle 6th Sense

    Bolle 6th Sense AG2R

    Bolle 6th Sense Small

    Bolle Aero RL Clip On

    Bolle Anaconda

    Bolle Anaconda Polarized

    Bolle Aravis

    Bolle Aravis Polarized

    Bolle Benton Polarized

    Bolle Blacktail

    Bolle Blacktail Polarized

    Bolle Bolt

    Bolle Bolt Polarized

    Bolle Bolt RL Clip On

    Bolle Bolt S

    Bolle Bolt S Polarized

    Bolle Bolt Small

    Bolle Bounty

    Bolle Bounty Polarized

    Bolle Breakaway

    Bolle Breakaway Polarized

    Bolle Brisbane

    Bolle Brisbane Polarized

    Bolle Bumpy

    Bolle Carve

    Bolle Cervin

    Bolle Chase

    Bolle Chase Polarized

    Bolle Clint

    Bolle Clint Polarized

    Bolle Cobra

    Bolle Columbus

    Bolle Columbus Polarized

    Bolle Copperhead

    Bolle Copperhead Polarized

    Bolle Crest

    Bolle Crest Polarized

    Bolle Diablo

    Bolle Diamondback

    Bolle Draft RL Clip On

    Bolle Draft RL Clip On Polarized

    Bolle Duchess

    Bolle Ecrins

    Bolle Ecrins Polarized

    Bolle Emperor

    Bolle Emperor OTG

    Bolle Everglades

    Bolle Everglades Polarized

    Bolle Fang

    Bolle Fang Polarized

    Bolle Fierce

    Bolle Fierce Polarized

    Bolle Grace

    Bolle Grace Polarized

    Bolle Gravity

    Bolle Gravity Goggle Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Gravity Polarized

    Bolle Greta

    Bolle Greta Polarized

    Bolle Helix RL Clip On

    Bolle Helix RL Clip On Polarized

    Bolle Jude

    Bolle Jude Polarized

    Bolle Kassia

    Bolle Kassia Polarized

    Bolle Keel

    Bolle Keel Polarized

    Bolle Keelback

    Bolle Keelback Polarized

    Bolle Key West

    Bolle Key West Polarized

    Bolle Kickback

    Bolle Kicker

    Bolle Kicker Polarized

    Bolle King

    Bolle King Polarized

    Bolle Kingsnake

    Bolle Kingsnake Polarized

    Bolle Mojo

    Bolle Molly

    Bolle Molly Polarized

    Bolle Monarch

    Bolle Monarch Goggle Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Nebula

    Bolle Nebula Goggle Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Nova

    Bolle Nova II

    Bolle Ouray

    Bolle Parole

    Bolle Parole-2 RL Clip On

    Bolle Python

    Bolle Python Polarized

    Bolle Quasar Goggle Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Quindaro Polarized

    Bolle Rainier

    Bolle Ransom

    Bolle Ransom Polarized

    Bolle Recoil

    Bolle Recoil Polarized

    Bolle Reno Polarized

    Bolle Simmer Goggle Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Skylar

    Bolle Skylar Polarized

    Bolle Slice

    Bolle Slice Polarized

    Bolle Smart

    Bolle Smart Polarized

    Bolle Solden

    Bolle Solden Polarized

    Bolle Sonar

    Bolle Sonar Polarized

    Bolle Speed

    Bolle Speed Polarized

    Bolle Spiral

    Bolle Spiral Polarized

    Bolle Swift

    Bolle Tempest

    Bolle Tempest Polarized

    Bolle Tempest RL Clip On

    Bolle Tigersnake

    Bolle Tigersnake Polarized

    Bolle Vibe

    Bolle Vibe Polarized

    Bolle Vigilante

    Bolle Vigilante Insert

    Bolle Vigilante-2 RL Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Viper

    Bolle Viper Polarized

    Bolle Virtuose

    Bolle Vortex

    Bolle Vortex RL Clip On

    Bolle Weaver

    Bolle Weaver Polarized

    Bolle Winslow Polarized

    Bolle X9 OTG

    Bolle X9 OTG Goggle Replacement Lenses

    Bolle Y6 OTG

    Bolle Zander

    Bolle Zander Polarized

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      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Bolle Sunglasses


    Bolle Sunglasses

    Bolle sunglasses are not for posers. They're not for gum-flappers, show-offs, or fakes. If you can only breathe properly in the great outdoors – if you find solace in a rewarding physical challenge – if you would rather go hard than go home... then, and only then, will your Bolle glasses truly fit.

    Bolle Sunglases NZ

    Bolle offers a range of different tints and colours to cater for everything. If you need water resistant lenses with moisture control and sweat bars, look no further and check out our Anaconda range. For high glare activities like driving, fishing, and boating check out our Cobra range. If you specifically need to absorb just blue light and sharpen your vision for skiing, then check out the Mojo ski goggles range. Whatever you need, we have it.

    Bolle Sunglases Online

    If you need to keep your wits about you at high speeds, Bolle specializes in tints for cycling and skiing in any light conditions. If you're not too worried about anything in specific, but know the dangers of infrared and UV light on the eyes while walking or running in the sun, get ahead of the game and grab some Bolle 100 sunglasses. These glasses boast 100% UV and infrared protection, without altering colour perceptions like more specialized lenses.
    For the tennis players out there, your game will never be the same once you try on some Bolle tennis lenses. Available for all light conditions, they work by making yellow more vivid, but muting everything else. You'll only have eyes for the ball, no matter what the light conditions. Why doesn't everyone use them, then? Good question!

    Bolle sunglasses' P3 system stands for performance poly carbonate polarized. These lenses are anti-reflective, and Bolle prides itself on these being virtually shatterproof – 2000% more impact resistant than glass – these are the lenses to use for sport and outdoor activities.

    Action Sport sunglasses models allow the user to interchange lenses, meaning if the light conditions are expected to change, it's easy to bring a compact solution to the problem. Just pack your extra lenses, and you don't need to make room for, or worry about losing, another whole pair of glasses.

    Bolle has a range of colours for you to choose from, including several varieties in cool black. But if you need to check out our other black sunglasses then go ahead and keep on browsing! The choice is always yours.

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