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    Tom Ford Glasses

    Tom FordGlasses

    Tom Ford Glasses

    Tom Ford frames

    Tom Ford's eyeglasses are every bit the fashion accessory his legendary sunglasses are. Bold lines, smooth colours, and in indescribable flair culminate in either colourful or black glasses that help spell out your unique personality to the people who can't help but look.

    Reminiscent of D&G glasses, Tom Fords somehow possess both a powerful but active simplicity, and almost zen calm – allowing you to stay in focus and work harder for longer.

    Scientist or celebrity, schoolteacher or pilot, everyone can put a pair of Tom Fords on and see the world more clearly. That's the magic of the clean and precise designs: not only do they restore sight, they restore vision. Just looking at them inspires confidence and trust in a brand that has conquered the world several times over – with more to come.

    No attention paid to imitators or detractors, Ford continues to innovate and push forward with his luxury glasses. There's a lesson to be learned in there. Stay true to yourself, and the world will follow. It may not fall at your feet until you're at Tom's level, but there's only one way to get started. A journey of a thousand miles begins, as they say, with this single step.

    Tom is only 51, and shows no signs of stopping. His mens, womens, and eye wear lines are all going strong, and he was named one of the 50 best dressed over 50 by the Guardian. Nothing can buy success of this caliber except blood, sweat, tears and a sharp intuition for what the world needs and when the world needs it. Designers call it vision, and Ford has it in spades.

    2006 was a good year for Tom, as the launch of his eyewear range brought him an award from the American Accessories Council. A year later he was Daily News Record's person of the year. The awards kept flowing: in 2009 he was GQ man of the year in Germany and one of many in United States GQ.

    Tom refuses to become big-headed about his successes and takes it all in stride, with his commitment being to style rather than gathering awards. Like Woody Allen with style... When you play at Tom's level, it's all about the process. The rewards sure are nice though, and Tom Fords will get you there.

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